5 reasons why you need a videographer at your next event

May 29, 2018
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Keyy Productions Team

Sydney event guests interviewed for video content

Capture The Best Moments Of Your Event With Great Video Content

Events are a key part of every business - they bring teams of colleagues together, making them feel appreciated and important; they promote products, services and achievements of the business; and they help to reinforce the ever-important relationship that a business shares with its customers.

Events are a big investment. They take a huge amount of time, resources and money to pull off. So why not make the most of your next event with video coverage.

If you’re holding an event and are considering hiring a videographer to create an event video for you, here are 5 reasons why you should stop thinking and book it in!

1. It’s the perfect momento of the event!

Having an event coverage video is a great way to remind your guests of how much fun they had with your brand. It helps to reinforce their positive experience and lets them relive the highlights. While events are naturally one-off affairs, video footage of your big day or night helps prolong the life of the event, long after it's finished.

2. It’s a great way to promote your next event

Promoting your next event with a video of your last event is the perfect way to advertise the atmosphere and experience of your brand.

There's no better way to showcase how great your next shindig will be than through professionally captured content that highlights the benefits of attendance. From interviews and testimonials with guests  to reliving the biggest and best moments, event coverage can tell a rich story about what future attendees can expect.

Plus, with social media platforms now favouring video content over anything else, and with the ability to specifically target your chosen audience on social media, you can be sure that your upcoming event will be advertised in the right circles!

3. It allows you to show the authentic side of your brand

Having an event coverage video gives an authentic view of your brand. It’s a candid insight into the people and values behind your business.

This is you being you - not you presenting to camera or directly selling a product. It’s a brilliant, genuine way to connect your brand to your customers.

With professional videography services, it's easy to create great content that presents your brand or organisation in a great light and connects authentically to your audience.

4. This is most-likely the best your brand is going to look - make sure people see that

Typically, bigger budgets are allocated to company events to ensure that everything looks great and runs smoothly, and that your brand is presented perfectly.

So why not make the most of all of this time, effort and money, and organise an event coverage video so that you can be sure that a much wider audience is seeing your brand in its best moments!?

5. Event video content can be used in so many different ways

Unlike your event, the video content created has a much longer lifespan and can be used in a huge variety of ways to promote your business.

Event videos introduce your future customers to the faces behind your brand, and they can be used to generate hype on social media and promote your next event.

Add the video to the ‘Videos' page of your social media and to your website to enhance your content, and create cut-down edits to flesh out your social media output.

Use event coverage videos to promote the product, service, brand, staff or atmosphere of your business.

However you use it, the video content from your event is an investment that can be used well into the future.

And so it seems that event coverage videos are one of the most powerful marketing tools for your business! So get out there and book one for your next event!

Hi there, I'm Paige Gardner Co-Founder and Director at Keyy Productions. With a background in professional acting, I love bringing sets to life and drawing out someone's inner creative to produce unique video content.

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