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Finding the Best Brisbane Corporate Video Production Team

When you're looking to source corporate video production services in Brisbane there's a few important points to consider. Investing in corporate video means investing in the right team to execute […]

Keyy Productions expands to Brisbane!

HUGE NEWS: We’re taking our video storytelling services to the home of the Story Bridge: BRISBANE We're thrilled to announce that we’re expanding our team and our specialist video production […]

How To Write A Creative Brief For Your Video Team

Writing a creative brief is one of the most important steps to ensure your video project gets off on the right foot. Once you've passed the ideation stage and you're […]

Why Corporate Event Videography Is The New Content Machine

Filming your corporate event is a strategic move that not only captures the moments of the day but opens the door to a wealth of marketing and content possibilities for […]

Everything Marketing Professionals Need to Know About Video Production

Video has become an essential tool for marketing professionals in small to medium-sized organisations. With its unparalleled ability to engage, educate, and captivate audiences, video content has the potential to […]

Unleashing the Power of Corporate Videos: Enhancing B2B Messaging and Reach

In today's fast-paced digital world, where attention spans are diminishing and competition is fierce, businesses must find innovative ways to connect with their customers effectively. The most powerful tool that […]

How to Find the Best Sydney Videography Company for Your Brand

Video content has become an essential tool for businesses to market themselves and reach out to their target audience. With the rise of social media platforms, the demand for high-quality […]

Why You Need To Work With Multiple Video Production Agencies (At The Same Time)

With the amount of video content required to stay competitive in today's market, it’s highly likely that your organisation will need to work with multiple video production companies or suppliers […]

What These 4 Content Creators Can Teach Us About Video Marketing in 2023

This might just sound like an excuse to turn endless scrolling on social media into “research for work”, but we promise there’s plenty to learn about video marketing from content […]

How To Beat The Pre-Interview Nerves

5 Tips from a Creative Producer to Beat Pre-Interview Nerves So you're going to be on camera soon and you're feeling a little ~nervy~. Have no fear! We promise the […]

How To Use Recruitment Videos To Attract the Best Candidates

Any business currently recruiting will understand how difficult it is to stand out from the competition and attract the best candidates. We're here to help you navigate this tricky landscape with a not-so-secret […]

Do You Need A Videographer or a Video Production Company?

We all know how important using video content is as a part of your wider marketing and communication strategy. The benefits of it are well and truly documented! Often the […]

The Video Content That Inspired Us In 2021

Inspiration is imperative for creative agencies, so at our weekly Keyy team meetings we each take turns in sharing a video that we've seen in the market that inspired us […]

Keyy Moments + Milestones of 2021

Keyy Productions celebrated 5 years in business in 2021! Holy smokes! When we think back to how it all started as a husband and wife team of two, to now […]

6 Tips For Asking A Client To Be In Your Case Study Video

Asking a client to be a part of your case study video can feel a little intimidating, but it's actually a really great way to strengthen the relationship beyond the existing […]

Safe Storytelling: What is it and who needs it?

As we push further into the Authenticity Era, audiences are demanding to hear authentic stories told by authentic voices. You can see this reflected in the rise of influencer and […]

How To Make A Great Explainer Video

Explainer videos are some of the most consumed pieces of content on the internet, because let's face it, we'd all rather watch a video that tells us exactly what we […]

7 Types Of Videos Every Online Course Needs

So you've decided to make an Online Course and you know it needs to include video content, but what kind of videos are we talking about here? Apart from the […]

[Case Study]: Explainer Videos

CLIENT: SANE Australia CREATIVE TEAM: Bridget Murray, Rhys Keir and Paige Gardiner CONTENT CREATED: Explainer Videos THE GOAL:  Our client, SANE Australia, was in need of some video content that […]

Why You Need An Online Course For Your Business

The world has become more online than ever, and our appetite for online courses and digital learning is on the rise. In fact, online learning is the quickest growing market […]

Understanding The Cost of Video Production

HOW MUCH DOES VIDEO PRODUCTION COST? So, we all know that video marketing is incredibly valuable - but what are the actual dollar signs behind it? If you haven't worked […]

What To Expect On Set

If you've never been on a video set before it might be hard to picture what it will be like, but it may put you at ease to know that […]

[Case Study]: Remote Video Content

CLIENT: ReachOut Australia CREATIVE TEAM: Bridget Murray and Rhys Keir CONTENT CREATED: Remote Video Content THE GOAL:  It was the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and there was an enormous […]

Pre-Production: The Neglected 'Soul' of Video Production

In the world of video production, there is a universal fervour of excitement surrounding filming and a natural appreciation of the editing process BUT poor little Pre-Production is often brushed […]

[Case Study]: Digital Events

CLIENT: NSW Health, Excellence in Nursing and Midwifery Awards 2020 CREATIVE TEAM: Paige Gardiner, Bridget Murray, Rhys Keir and Curtis Nicotra CONTENT CREATED: Digital Event video THE STORY: When COVID-19 […]

[Case Study]: Production Kits

CLIENT: Great Race CREATIVE TEAM: Rhys Keir and Paige Gardiner CONTENT CREATED: Production Kit of Explainer Videos THE GOAL:  Great Race are the masters of fun corporate team building activities, private parties, and […]

5 Video Production Mistakes That Will Cost You (Literally)

When it comes to video production even the smallest mistakes, oversights and inefficiencies can cost you BIG. Now, during the production process, there’s a chance you can encounter some easily-solvable […]

6 Tips To Nail Your SEO

SEO can feel a little overwhelming, oh-so-techy, and ever changing, so we sat down with our SEO specialist, Ben Vonthethoff, and asked him to shed some light on all things […]

The Power of Original Content

Here's the thing - digital media has become an essential part of everyday life. More than 4.5 billion people now use the internet, with 3.8 billion people regularly using social media […]

[Case Study]: Content Library

CLIENT: Inala Botanics CREATIVE TEAM: Bridget Murray (Producer), Rhys Keir (Director), Brad Conomy (DOP), Ben Coope (Lighting Assist), Veronika Moreia (Hair & Make-up), Tahnee Ingham (Model) CONTENT CREATED: Brand + […]

Our 5 Trend Predictions For 2021

At the time of writing this it's January 2021, and in Australia the Covid-19 situation is pretty well under control compared to other nations around the world - which we […]

[Case Study]: Service Video

CLIENT: Physio Gym CREATIVE TEAM: Bridget Murray (Producer), Rhys Keir (Director) CONTENT CREATED: Service Video THE GOAL Physio Gym Physiotherapy provides skilled, affordable and accessible one-to-one care, rehabilitation exercises and independent […]

Surviving 2020: Our Story

There are many adjectives that we could use to describe this year - unexpected, terrifying!, innovative, exhausting - to name just a small few… Yep, it’s been a year, to say […]

Extend the life of your video content with a Social Media Suite

By now, we all know the value of consistent + engaging video content for reaching your audience on social media. It's the indisputable, a...

Take The Party Online: Digital Event Videos

In this new Covid-world it may seem impossible to go ahead with your end of year event or awards ceremony, but we think we've got the per...

Video marketing: Everything you need to know

Video marketing. It’s taking over the world, and is the number one strategy employed by businesses for online marketing. But for some, it...

Keyy Productions’ response to Covid-19

As the effects of COVID-19 continue to be felt around the world, Keyy Productions want to acknowledge this time of uncertainty and share ...

The real investment of video content

When you first begin your video marketing journey, the cost of video content can seem high, and perhaps more than you were expecting or h...

Our work: ReachOut Australia

We recently collaborated with ReachOut Australia on two videos, as part of their online Parents’ Coaching service. Having worked on vario...

Our process

When you hear the words 'video marketing' or 'video content', do the words  ‘overwhelming', ‘stressful', 'large-scale’, ’time-consuming' ...

Our start-up journey

Keyy Productions was borne of the need to tell stories. My husband, Rhys, and I are both trained actors and were both working professiona...

How To Overcome Camera Shyness

We know that being on camera can feel a little overwhelming and uncomfortable, especially if it isn’t something you’ve done before, so we...

Our videos

We love the creative development phase of video - putting our heads together and brainstorming ideas, concepts and style. When it comes t...

What is Keyy Stories?

Keyy Stories: a platform of mini-documentaries (and accompanying articles) telling the stories of great people doing great things…because...

Our work: Amrita Anjani

Amrita Anjani We recently had the privilege of working with, and getting to know, the ever-soulful Amrita Anjani - a soul purpose mentor....

5 reasons why you need a videographer at your next event

Events are a key part of every business - they bring teams of colleagues together, making them feel appreciated and important; they promo...

10 Reasons Why Businesses Avoid Video Marketing

We’ve all heard about the massive shift towards video in online marketing trends over the past few years, but if you actually look closel...


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