Finding the Best Brisbane Corporate Video Production Team

May 1, 2024
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When you're looking to source corporate video production services in Brisbane there's a few important points to consider. Investing in corporate video means investing in the right team to execute your vision and work alongside your team.

Here's everything you need to know about finding the best corporate video production team for your brand.

Video production services

First you'll need to determine the video production services your project requires. Do you require end-to-end services, or just a solo videographer to film the content? What kind of creatives will your project need?

If you've never worked with a corporate videography team before, you may need to get multiple quotes from a range of companies to learn about their process, style, and capacity. Speaking with industry experts will help you get a better understanding of the video production services you need.

Some common video production services include:



A producer on a corporate video project is responsible for making everything happen. This includes hiring the right personnel and creatives, creating schedules, communication between all parties, and execution of the creative concept.

A creative producer may be responsible for the creative vision and pitching the concept to the client.

If you don't hire a producer (or work with a company that provides these services) your internal team is going to be responsible for assembling all the moving parts that make up a video project.

Production design

Another service offered by end-to-end video production companies is production design. Production design ensures your content fits your brands aesthetic and clearly communicates your message.

Everything from set, furniture, props, and clothing can help elevate your video content.



This seems like the most obvious component of a video project, but there are many different methods and creatives that can be involved in filming your project. Maybe you need a solo videographer, maybe you need multiple cameras and operators, or specialist video skills like drone pilots or cinematographers. Your video production company will recommend the skills and personnel required to achieve your vision.

Sound recording

Never to be overlooked, recording great sound is imperative for great content. Most video production teams and videographers will have the required microphones to capture the sound, or they can organise the appropriate personnel and equipment needed for your project.


Depending on the project you may need someone to interview you or your subjects on camera. At Keyy Productions, this person will be the creative producer who is specially trained on interview technique and Safe Storytelling.

In most instances it's best if this person is a trained professional who understands the answers you need to capture to create the end product whilst still asking the questions in a candid way.


Some corporate video projects will require a dedicated director, others will have this role filled by a producer or videographer. Directors are artists wit their own point of view, artistic style, and experience.



The editor is an important role in any video project, as this is where the concept and vision is realised. Each video production company will have a different approach to revisions and editing feedback so make sure to check in with the about their process.

Find the right video production team for your brand

Once you've determined the video production services you require you'll be ready to find a team who specialises in those services and who is a good fit for your team.

Creating content is a collaborative process and finding the right team to work with is paramount. Look for a team with the right skill set but also the right personalities to work with throughout the project. Are they prompt and professional in their communication? Do you feel supported and guided throughout the process?

Ask to see examples of their work or request a custom portfolio and look for specific case studies on their website.

End-to-end video production services in Brisbane

Keyy Productions offers end-to-end corporate video production services in Brisbane, meaning we can take your project from concept to completion. Each project will require different personnel and approaches which is why we always meet with potential clients to get to know your brand and requirements. We then put together a tailored proposal and quote based on your needs.

To request your own obligation free quote, get in touch.

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