Is Your Video Production Company Being Honest With You?

July 16, 2020
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Keyy Productions Team

Recently, we sat down with a potential client who was searching for a production company to create some original, standout content. As our team got more and more excited about the possibilities, we sat back and explained upfront that every video, as with every marketing effort, is not going to be a creative hole-in-one, but rather, a process that is collaborative, exciting but, well ... uncertain. 

The clients paused, looked at each other across the table, and finally, let out a huge exhale!  

They explained to us that before coming to Keyy they had spoken to a seemingly endless bevy of production companies who had all told them some variation of the same thing - they knew the 'secret sauce' to guaranteed video success. Every company seemed to know the hidden formula to make every video stand out in the market, to make every video reach a brand new audience who were just sitting there ready to buy. They were all production prophets! 

What our clever clog clients realised is that no creative process is foolproof and that hiring a team who promises this, is likely not to have a tried and tested production process. 

Now, creativity is amazing, and having a process that focuses on attention to detail and care is extraordinary, but it's ongoing, productive partnerships that make truly great content. Magic doesn't just happen, exceptional videos can't be conceptualised and executed in a day and the results can never be 100% guaranteed. 

We've learned to be super wary of businesses who come to us asking for a video that will 'go viral'. What's not concerning is their ambition - hey, reach for the flippin stars we say! What is concerning is that the request for a viral video normally comes with variations on the following phrases: 

  • I don't know what we want... but we want people to love it!
  • I don't know what we want... but it needs to be something never seen before!
  • Can you just... make it funny?
  • Can you just... figure it out?

While it is definitely part of the job of the production company to provide creative direction, it is vitally important when making any video (especially videos that are based around a creative concept), that you as the client are involved. You know your brand. You know the outcomes you're looking for - and this is a superpower.

And remember, this is not a one-way street - businesses should be just as wary of any production company that comes to them and says they'll make you a viral video. What they should be saying to you is that they'll take the time to get to know you and your brand; that they'll involve you in the process; that they have a team of kick-ass, experienced people who are going to truly care about your project and your experience. 

The fact of the matter is, you can't take any video and drizzle a magic sauce over it to make it sell. What you can do is create high-quality, targeted, and creative videos that connect with your online audience to build trust in your brand.

So next time an agency says to you "don't worry, this video will make your business famous!”, say to them "no thanks, but let's talk about how we can make a video that’s aligned to our brand and meets our marketing needs; something that we're both really proud of. And let's talk about how this relationship can grow."

Be the person that says “no" to the secret sauce... be the person that creates your own!

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