The Video Content That Inspired Us In 2021

December 21, 2021
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Keyy Productions Team

Inspiration is imperative for creative agencies, so at our weekly Keyy team meetings we each take turns in sharing a video that we've seen in the market that inspired us in some way. There's no rule as to what the video can be, only that you have to have a reason for sharing it with the team.

Content has ranged from big budget ads to great explainer videos to technical skills we'd love to try in our own work. It's like a creative agency version of show and tell, and it keeps our team across what's happening in the content world so we can continue to deliver top notch videos for our clients.

Here's some of our favourite videos our team shared over the year.

TIP: We recommend watching each example first before reading our comments!

1) Tylenol "Slip n Slide"

Editor: Joe Morris | @joejmorris_
Director: Dave Wood | @davidwould
Production Company: Good Oil
Agency: DDB Sydney

Shared by: Samm
Reason for sharing: A great example of using humour

Humour can be so hard to get right, but this spot for Tylenol is perfectly hilarious for all the right reasons. The scenarios are mundane and pedestrian, punctuated by moments of pure, visceral pain that can be sympathetically felt by the viewer.

It's almost like a 'fail' video, and has superb physical comedy beautifully supported by the naturalistic performances of the actors. And it never outstays it's welcome. It's short, gets to the punchline, and has a great denouement moment at the end of the product shots. A great example of how to do funny!

2) Sharpie

Created by: Rudo Company for Sharpie

Shared by: Paige
Reason for sharing: Incorporating custom animation and live action

This Sharpie ad expertly shows off the product with animated hand drawn elements that the actors interact with throughout. The combination of these elements is more dynamic than just animation or performance alone.

It's also a great example of editing to the beat of the music, with fun pops and cuts perfectly timed to the sound track.


Filmed by: Henning Sandstrom, Mike Hagadorn, Cody Wratten, John Lillquist, Deniz Ozgoren, and Colter Merritt
More info on Daniel Riley:

Shared by: Samm
Reason for sharing: Interesting use of a moving light source

This video is such a great example of how to use a moving light source to create an eerie, moody, and dynamic visual state. Moving light is often used to depict time passing or movement in the outside world like a vehicle's headlights passing by, but this shows that light can be a character in the scene and move in an unnatural, unexpected way. This lighting effect has already been used in Netflix series and we're predicting it'll be a trend in 2022.

4) Super. Human.

Created by: Channel 4Creative 
Directed by: Bradford Young

Shared by: Bridget
Reason for sharing: It's epic. In so many ways.

This promo for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games has already received well-deserved praise, and there are just so many great things we love about it. The editing, the pace, the surprise, the totally different video styles that somehow work so well together, the humour, how visceral it is.

It is inspiring both as a viewer and as a fellow creative. Bold and beautiful execution by Oscar nominated Cinematographer, Bradford Young. Bravo!

5) Working out with the voice in my head

Filmed & Edited by: @jonbrandoncruz for Shay Mitchell

Shared by: Caitlin
Reason for sharing: A great example of using POV voiceover and narrative

If you're looking for a great example of a narrative POV voiceover, this is it. We've all seen plenty of these kinds of sporty motivation ads before, and this one by Shay Mitchell directly addresses the viewer in a very candid, character POV voiceover.

There's also some great speed ramping and dynamic editing that helps keep the pace of this 2min40 spectacle.


Well, consider us inspired.

These videos are just some of the awesome content we came across in 2021. Shout out to all the creatives who helped bring these stories to life, and we can't wait to see what the industry does in 2022!


If we've missed a creative credit or credited you incorrectly, please contact us here. 😊

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