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January 3, 2021
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Keyy Productions Team

CLIENT: Physio Gym

CREATIVE TEAM: Bridget Murray (Producer), Rhys Keir (Director)



Physio Gym Physiotherapy provides skilled, affordable and accessible one-to-one care, rehabilitation exercises and independent exercise access 24/7. The Physio Gym approach is holistic, with a great deal of individual patient care, and they wanted to establish this as a clear point of difference in the marketplace.

Their goal was to capture the essence of the unique service they provide, and convey their approach and processes through video. It was important that the service video authentically set the tone of the Physio Gym experience, and ultimately lead more customers through the door.


Physio shows a client a model of a spine


A key aspect that really resonated with us about the Physio Gym service and approach was the sense of community that is felt amongst staff and clientele. We wanted to convey this across all of the video content as authentically as possible, and so decided to capture an in-depth interview with Matt, the Physio Gym manager. Taking the time during the pre-production phase to get really clear on the key messages, outcomes and tone of the video would greatly assist us in capturing the passion, expertise and dedication of the staff, so as to powerfully set the tone of the Physio Gym experience.

We also arranged to interview two Physio Gym clients in order to further uncover the uniqueness and key benefits of the specialised practice approach.

Interweaving sophisticated, candid visual footage with the interview content would provide engaging and digestible viewing for the target audience, whilst conveying a highly accurate portrayal of the service and holistic approach provided by Physio Gym, thus establishing a deeper level of trust and connection between the target market and the brand.


Overall, the Physio Gym service promo video is engaging, dynamic, informative and authentic. The visuals aid in truthfully and clearly conveying the sense of belonging and connection that is felt in being a Physio Gym client.

Our client was so pleased with the final product that they reached out some months later requesting some re-purposing of the footage to create new video edits and make even more of an impact across their online platforms. What a way to capitalise on their investment!

Check out just one of the final videos below:


"We absolutely love our videos! Honestly you guys were a dream to work with and what you have captured is exactly what we needed. It's honest, true and captured the essence of what Physio Gym is and the services that we offer. We will be working with you guys again in the future!” For the record: we’re stoked. They were also a dream to work with!"

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