Get your video marketing in gear for the new financial year

June 19, 2020
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Keyy Productions Team

As a new financial year approaches we find ourselves trying to plan our marketing strategy surrounded by a lot of noise, conflicting opinions, and the added confusion of returning to marketing in a world changed by COVID-19. If you find that you are in a bit of a funk with how to get started, or just feeling a bit clumsy with your marketing plan for the new financial year here are five simple things you can try to give yourself a boost in the right direction.

5 simple ways to get your marketing in gear

1. Get the creative juices flowing

The absolute first thing we recommend doing is grabbing yourself or your team, (and a big pot of coffee) and sitting down for a good old fashioned brainstorm. The trick here is not to sit down and say 'right then, let's figure out the marketing campaigns that are going to fix all of our problems'. Instead, go back to basics and start asking questions about your identity as a brand, with the intention of keeping the conversation positive.

Start by asking what you and your team love about what your brand does, then ask about what your audience loves and relates to. Looking back at your past marketing, what do you think worked amazingly well, and what made that initiative so special? This kind of "back-to-basics" brainstorm may be something you've done a hundred times before or may be something new, but don't discount what a little bit of positive, critical thinking can do to motivate creative minds.

2. Multi-purpose your content

After you sit down and look at your business, you may realise that you're not ready to dive into the deep end with a new marketing campaign. A great way to keep rolling out valuable content quickly and with a lower budget is to repurpose or do a refresh of what you've already created. Have a look at your past campaigns, go back over those images that didn't quite make the cut in the past, and ask your production team whether they have any b-roll on file from your last shoot that could be used to create a new edit.

If you are ready to create new assets, seriously consider how you can get more bang for your buck by purposefully capturing some additional content for short social media edits, or getting a wider variety of content created that can be rolled out over a longer period of time.

Two people on set of a video shoot inside a modern apartment

3. Use 'nostalgia' with caution

Over the past few months most of us would have noticed a lot of "flashback" content being posted, particularly to social media. What this generally looks like is a beautiful image or video from that mystical pre-COVID time, with a tagline that reads something like 'flashback to when we could do X'. This style of "nostalgic" post was an entirely relevant format during the COVID-19 pandemic, when businesses wanted to share great quality content but were physically restricted from creating something new.

While there is something to be said for nostalgia, there is a real difference between repurposing existing great quality content (as suggested in tip 2) and being stuck in a repetitive loop of content with a negative focus. Rather than post about what you haven't been able to do as a business, share how you're moving forward and embracing the new. Audiences are crying out for new.

4. Consider new forms of marketing

Almost every business and marketer has a "unicorn" form of marketing that they've been staring at from the corner of their eye and waiting for the right time to try. Well, now is the time to explore that option you've never been quite ready for in the past. Across the globe, the use of online media has positively skyrocketed and engagement in all forms of online content is showing no sign of slowing down, making the 2021 financial year the perfect time to broaden your marketing horizons.

For each business, the best new form of marketing will be different, so be thoughtful and explore your options. Whether that means appealing to the audiences who are looking to slow down and see thoughtful, in-depth content or it means utilising incredibly fast-paced social media platforms like TikTok to interact directly with Gen Z, there are many opportunities to branch out.

5. Reach out for help

Finally, if you're feeling sluggish, uninspired or a little lost with marketing for the new financial year don't throw in the towel, instead, consider reaching out for a nudge in the right creative direction. Now may be the perfect time to bring on board an external creative team to fill in some knowledge gaps, or help you create a content plan to hit the ground running with your marketing.

We would recommend reaching out to a social media strategist or brand agency for a high-level look at your marketing, or get in touch with a production company to help you develop some more nuanced content options. A great place to start is with a  creative consult with us! Get in touch here to get started.

It's a brand new financial year and a brand new time to shine with your marketing! While it may be tempting to shrug your marketing off as 'too hard' at the moment, remember that you have many tools at your disposal, and help at hand to get the ball rolling and make the most of your marketing in 2021. Now really is the time to get your marketing in gear!

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