May 18, 2018
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Keyy Productions Team

Hi there. We’re Paige and Rhys, the husband and wife team behind Keyy Productions. If we haven’t met - nice to meet you and thanks for popping in! If you’ve met us before, then you may have noticed that we’ve recently undergone a few little (actually, quite big) changes here, and we’d love to tell you about them.

Firstly, we got married!

Yep, as well as launching our video production company last year, behind-the-scenes we were planning our wedding. It was a big year for us, in our first year of business and our first time wedding planning, but we had a ball, and our wedding day was such a fun day of celebration! It turns out, married life is just as much fun and full as engaged life is, and it’s all the more special when you’re running the business of your dreams with your husband or wife. 

But who are we, actually?

We were lucky enough to meet in the theatre…sounds pretty romantic (and it was), but being professional actors, we’ve both had our struggles with making acting a full-time career here in Australia. So, we decided to bring it all back to our true purpose - the number one reason we both became actors in the first place: storytelling.

Storytelling for us means awakening empathy within people and changing them with words and images. It means educating, moving, and opening minds. It’s one hell of a powerful tool, and we can’t get enough of it!

So, along with dating, falling in love, etc etc, we decided to use our skills, experience and passions in ways other than performing, and get people’s stories out there… and so came the birth of Risk Key Productions.

Secondly, we’ve changed our name!

Yep! Let’s face it, our name was hard to pronounce, a little too far left-of-centre, and sounded ‘risky’… so, we decided to change it and do a bit of a re-brand at the same time. The name Keyy Productions is simple…and that’s what we’re about. Oh, and the double y is just a little twist, because…y not? Yep, just went there...('Simple with a twist' is one of our favourite little mottos!)

So, where to next?

Our first year was such a rollercoaster-ride of learning, hustling, storytelling, and working with some awesome people along the way. There are so many voices out there and we want them to be heard! So, we’re sticking with that for now.

We’ve refined and simplified our process to create a slick and seamless experience for our clients. Plus, we’ve got some new peeps coming on board the Keyy train. We’re so excited to be expanding our team to include some amazing storytellers and creatives. What a treat for us!

And lastly...  

We’re launching a whole new platform! It’s a passion project - an idea we’ve been developing for the last 12 months, and something to keep us on purpose and keep the creative juices flowing…all while telling even more stories and bringing empathy to an even wider reach of people. We can’t wait to introduce this exciting new platform to you, very soon! Eeeeek!

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