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July 31, 2018
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Amrita Anjani

We recently had the privilege of working with, and getting to know, the ever-soulful Amrita Anjani - a soul purpose mentor. Anjani works with entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, dreamers and soul seekers, to help awaken their inner power and passion, to release limitations and create a deeply fulfilling, purposeful life. Her work is grounded in self-empowerment, mindful living and conscious awakening. You can find out more about what she does HERE.

What She Wanted

Anjani came to us wanting a welcome video for her website - something authentic and grounded, conveying what she does in a clear and genuine way. Our strengths lie in story and narrative, and in drawing vulnerable and intimate responses in interviews, so we knew we were a perfect fit for this project.


Over two weeks, we worked with Anjani in the pre-production phase, to better get to know her work, her needs and her personality, and to create a proposal detailing our vision for this video, along with the costs and inclusions. With the nature of what Anjani does, it would be easy to go down the path of disingenuine and confusing thematic material, but we worked hard to ensure that this didn’t happen. We also looked further into her business and offered additional video suggestions that would aid in conveying the information on her website in a clear, succinct and approachable way.


Production with Anjani was a breeze! How could it not be with filming in a superb Pyrmont location and working with such a present, calm and trusting client? Using a 2-camera set-up, we led Anjani through a conversational on-camera interview about her work and her background, in order to obtain in-the-moment, truthful responses from her, that flowed with a sense of ease and familiarity. This, paired with candid cutaway footage of Anjani working with clients, meditating and practising yoga, resulted in the grounded, authentic and detailed video that we were hoping for.

The Finished Product

Have a watch of the final video and prepare to be inspired by her story and energised by her work! 

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