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November 2, 2018
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We recently collaborated with ReachOut Australia on two videos, as part of their online Parents’ Coaching service.

Having worked on various ReachOut Australia campaigns in the past, the team there know that two of our strengths lie in providing professional on-camera presentation assistance and in creating authentic, interview-led content. And for us, knowing about the wonderful services that ReachOut provide to rural and remote Australians, as well as understanding their creative needs and style, means we jumped at the chance to create two dynamic explainer videos for the team!

ReachOut Parents Coaching is a free over-the-phone and online support service for parents of teens, in conjunction with the Benevolent Society. Through free coaching sessions, parents can explore any concerns they’re having with their teenager, and create an action plan for real results.

The team came to us with the problem of various barriers-to-entry in the application and onboarding process, despite there being wonderful feedback around the coaches and the service. Their goal was to give this new mode of service delivery a sense of familiarity for parents, and to build rapport, connection and trust between the parent and the coaching service.

We put our heads together and came up with a detailed proposal which explained our idea of the look, feel and content of these videos. As the number one goal for these videos was to ‘humanise’ the service, we knew that to a large extent, the quality of the content rested on how confidently and eloquently the coaches spoke on camera.

Shooting took place across a full day shoot at WorkSocial, an awesome co-working space on the Gold Coast (where most of the coaches are based). Taking time to ensure that each coach felt comfortable and confident on camera, helped us create content that is detailed, insightful, authentic powerful. Each coach spoke eloquently and passionately, and overall, these videos are a powerful resource for this service.

Have a watch of the completed videos. And if you’re a parent of a teenager, be sure to check out this brilliant coaching service!

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