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Every brand, whether it be big, small, established or shiny and new is looking for the same thing - to attract eyeballs to their product or service and have new customers flooding in the door. But no matter how brilliant your business, if you're not using video, chances are that you're stuck on a marketing treadmill; working really hard, but just not getting anywhere.

Luckily, video content is an outstanding tool to increase brand awareness and attract new customers, with over 90% of people saying they've discovered new brands or products from watching videos on platforms like YouTube.

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Why video content will help you generate new leads

If the end goal of your business is to have a consistently growing, engaged customer base, then your first step should be to attract new, quality leads to your brand. Here is why video is the best way to attract, and retain new customers:

Capture attention the easy way

The combiation of sound, visual imagery and finishing onscreen touches like effects, elevates video content above its text or static image counterparts, making it the natural choice to deliver enjoyable, attention-grabbing content to a new audience. Beyond just being a great tool for attracting eyeballs, we also know that video content helps audiences to engage with brands and absorb key messages, with viewers claiming they retain up to 95% of a message when it's communicated via video.

Attract the right leads

Video, as a marketing asset, is often used for maximum reach and impact with an online audience, but its true superpower is being able to establish an emotional connection with a viewer. Through video your brand can communicate your message, purpose and difference so that your ideal audience can build a connection with your brand that goes deeper than surface level, making those new leads much more likely to convert in the future.

Find your customers where they are

Gone are the days of passive audiences sitting back and waiting to encounter your brand. Nowadays, people are in charge of their own sales experience, and often a lead will need multiple touch points before they are willing to engage with a new brand, product or service. Thankfully, the versatility of video makes it possible to meet consumers across multiple digital platforms and at every stage of their sales journey, meaning that you're attracting new audiences at the right time, in the places that are most likely to have impact.

The best videos for attracting leads

Here's some of the types of videos you can use to attract the right kind of eyeballs to your brand:

Video Ads

Promo videos or video ads are your chance to think outside the box and showcase your personality, humor and passion. Create something unique that makes an impression and firmly stamps your brand identity on a new viewer's mind. Think anything from a 6-second teaser series, to a 1-minute bold narrative concept.
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Testimonial Videos

Social Media Suite

Capture attention from an ever-growing audience of social media users with punchy, bold content to stop thumbs and leave the audience curious about your brand. Focus on colours, logos and branding, and optomise the orientation of your videos for user enjoyment.
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Brand story videos

As audiences have become more autonomous and more enquiring, we've seen that it is essential that they relate to the brands they purchase from. A brand story video is the perfect way to share who you are and what you do in a way that will capture attention and resonate with an audience long after the initial impression.
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Product or service videos

Showcase your product or service in the best light possible by creating a video that will quickly communicate its best features and keep the audience engaged. Research tells us that 72% of customers prefer learning about a product or service through a video, so the benefits of this category are clear!
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