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At the heart of every brand is a story - and this story is always worth telling. Brand story videos break down the barrier between a business and their audience. They introduce your brand and the faces behind it by showcasing your unique story, who you are, what you’re doing and why.

While every brand story is unique, at Keyy Productions we specialise in combining beautiful, candid footage with raw, powerful interviews to bring your story to life. Think a mini-doco about your business!

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What is a brand story video?

At its core, it is content that develops a relationship between your business and the audience.

Story videos can be executed in so many different ways, from a Founder describing the need that sparked a movement, a customer sharing a lived experience that speaks to a brand’s purpose, or a visually gripping compilation that tells the story of a brand’s history.

However, what all brand story videos share is the drive to move beyond the traditional transactional relationship of customer and brand to delve deeper and connect better.

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Why are brand story videos so effective?

In the saturated marketplace of the internet, audiences are bombarded with endless choices of products and services.

There is now so much choice out there that audiences are shying away from digital content that is self-serving and sales driven and crying out for content that has an authentic narrative and human touch.

Where storytelling through video has value is in its ability to make a business stand out from a sea of competitors by resonating with audiences on a personal level.

Research shows us that consumers will be more likely to buy a product or service if they have an emotional connection to the brand, while studies have also shown that brands using storytelling in their marketing are up to 22 times more likely to be remembered by a consumer.

Your brand story video will be completely tailored to your business, but no matter the content, a brand video will help you build connection, establish authority and stand out from the crowd.

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Brand Video Case Study: The McDonald College

The McDonald College was looking for a suite of content to help in promoting enrolments for both the senior and primary schools, and also for the after-hours classes.

Engaging in an in-depth creative consult with the school, we conceptualised an array of video content directed at achieving their overall promotional objectives.

At the centre of this was “The Magic of McDonald College”, an engaging and dynamic brand story video which would showcase the school in an in-depth, appealing and authentic way, and convey the true “magic” of being a student there.

The brand story video proved to be so successful the promoting the school and increasing student enrolments, that months on, they requested updates and re-purposed edits of the video so that they could continue to utilise it as a growth tool.

How to make a great brand story video

The options for creating a superb brand story video are almost limitless, and each video will be completely custom-made to your brand and needs, however there are a few key elements that every brand story video should include.
Focus on passion and purpose
Move away from jargon and content that has been seen a million times before by showcasing the true purpose of what you do, and your passion for doing it exceptionally well. There is no brand quite like yours, and this should come across clearly in your video.
Showcase people
While your brand may have been built for a specific product or service, its backbone will be the people behind the brand. Help to elicit an emotional connection with your audience by showcasing and celebrating people first.
Be authentic
Whilst it can be tempting, and perhaps comforting, to script your brand story video, the more effective option is to go down the interview route. This will keep the content conversational and essentially imperfect, making it feel more authentic and creating a deeper connection with the viewer.

Thinking about creating a story video for your marketing strategy?

The value of creating a brand story video is clear. When done well they can be amazing marketing assets that work to bridge the gap between a brand and an audience seeking connection and deeper purpose.

At Keyy Productions, our expert creative team can help you conceptualise your story concept and create a brand story video that has genuine impact for your business.

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