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A case study video builds ultimate credibility for your business by turning your happy clients into brand advocates.

While similar to a testimonial video, a case study video centres around a specific project or application of your product or services, while at the same time celebrating the success of your team.

Case study videos are powerfully persuasive, and they say more about your business than written text reviews alone.

The Keyy Production's team of creatives can capture your project and create a dynamic video asset that your business can use to build unparalleled authenticity and trust with your audience.

We'd love to chat about how case study videos can help your business, so get in touch with one of our creative producers today!
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What Is A Case Study Video?

Typically a case study video will showcase a specific project or client relationship, and will include interviews with key team members, client testimonials and additional visuals of the completed project to create a holistic video review of the project or your services.

On-screen stats, metrics and results of the campaign can also be included to focus on the measurable success of the project.

At Keyy Productions, we also like to include additional dynamic supporting footage of various stages of the project process including behind the scenes footage, before and after shots, and anything else that shows off the great relationship you have with your client.

Every case study video will be tailored to your brand, your client, the project, and how you intend to use the content to ensure it speaks to your target audience. Get in touch with our team to chat about creating a case study video for your brand.

Why Are Case Study Videos So Effective?

A great case study video takes your potential customers on a journey through project concept to creation, or from client problem to solution, with a strong focus on the metrics and results you achieved together. This format allows you to address your customer's pain points through the lens of one of your happy clients, making these videos a powerful and influential marketing and sales asset.

And it's hard to go past the fact that 72% of consumers prefer video to text content while researching a product or service.

Particularly in the B2B world, your potential clients want to know what you're like to work with and the results they can expect when working with you, and a case study video allows you to showcase your work in a more authentic, less salesy way.

Case study vides are also a great way to celebrate the achievements of your team by creating a time capsule of a special, big, or important project that your team can look back on for many years to come.

Case Study Video Examples: BOOST Group x Woolworths Container Credits

Did you see the Woolworths Container Credits program at your local Woolies? This very successful campaign was managed by BOOST Group, who approached us to create this case study video. 

BOOST Group approached their clients at Woolworths group, as well as a local Woolies store manager to speak directly on the success of the project and their experience working with the team at BOOST Group. 

Dynamic b-roll of customers in-store helped add a more personal, community aspect to the case study video.

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How To Make A Great Case Study Video

When it comes to making a great testimonial video, there are a few key elements involved to ensure it hits the mark.

Make your testimonial video personal

Plan ahead

If you've just started working on a big or exciting project with a great client, start thinking about opportunities for a case study video as early as possible. There's nothing worse than getting to the end of a project and realising you missed great filming opportunities or progess shots along the way, so the earlier you start planning your case study video the more impactful it'll be.

focus on benefits in testimonial videos

Choose the right client

Case study videos usually involve interviewing your client to talk about their experience with your business. Make sure you choose someone who is comfortable on camera, and ideally someone who is most like your ideal target audience for maximum impact. For more tips on how to choose the right client to be in your case study video, check out our blog!

keep your testimonial short

Focus on measurable metrics

People are time poor, so focus on specific results or key metrics the project achieved to ensure you're getting the juiciest info in front of your target audience.

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Thinking About Case Study Video For Your Marketing Strategy?

At Keyy Productions, every case study video we create is tailored to your brand, your client, the project, and how you intend to use the content, to ensure it speaks to your target audience and has maximum impact.

Get in touch with our team to chat about creating a case study video for your brand.

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