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Whether you are celebrating your team’s successes, throwing the biggest festival of the year or hosting an intimate panel of speakers for a Q&A session, event videography is a huge opportunity to showcase your brand.

Events are times when your brand is putting its best foot forward best, but more often than not, businesses forget to take full advantage of the marketing opportunities this provides.

Professional event videography will ensure that the opportunities for brand awareness and engagement don’t run dry at the end of the night, but continue providing value well into the future.

The team at Keyy Productions are experts at building powerful video content from every occasion that will capture the heart and purpose of your event, and provide you with original, branded content to use again and again.

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What is event videography?

Event videography can take many shapes and sizes, and can do everything from helping promote a brand or product, to extending the reach of an important message, or celebrating your team.

Options for event videos can include capturing a polished and faithful version of your entire event, to the popular “sizzle reel”, which takes the best moments from your event and craftily pieces them together into a fast-paced, vibrant video to attract, excite and engage your audience.

No matter which format you choose, professional event videographers will deliver authentic, personable content to make the most of your moment in the spotlight.

Why are event videos so impactful?

Every event comes with a need to see your time, efforts and expense rewarded. The good news is that event videography is an incredibly simple way to make the most of your event and give your engagement and lead generation a huge boost.

For many brands, the core purpose of an event is to drive visibility. Hiring a professional event videographer will extend your reach well beyond your immediate circle. And in terms of capturing attention, research shows us that 86% of people are twice as likely to share video content featuring their friends compared to any other type of content.

For events that are not purely celebratory but driven by a cause or core need, video is a crucial tool to maximise publicity and drive your important message to a wider audience.

Event Videography Case Study: CBRE Hotels

Each year, CBRE Hotels hold a VIP event to celebrate their business and growth over the past year, and to acknowledge the happy relationships that have formed and strengthened.

Having captured this event for them in the past, CBRE Hotels came back to us for a new event video, but this time with the added objective of highlighting some of their key female staff members and incorporating key moments from the CEO’s speech.

The final video is enticing and sophisticated, to say the least! Overall, the video performed exceptionally well for the CBRE Hotels team, across all of their online platforms.

How to make a great event video

When it comes to making an event video, there are a few key elements involved to ensure it is exceptional.
Plan your content
From a single event you can capture an incredible array of footage which can be used to create many pieces of content. Rather than leaving it to chance, think about and plan your “must have” content in advance so that your production team can ensure it is ready to use.
Tailor to your audience
Great event videos don’t just mirror what happened on the day, but they ensure that the content is relevant and appealing to the target audience. Think about what content will appeal to your audience the most and tailor your video to meet this need.
Use a hook
Never underestimate the power of a great opening sequence to draw your viewer in and keep them engaged in your content and wanting more from your brand.

Thinking about event videography for your marketing strategy?

There is no longer any need to have a one-time event at a large expense. Make the most of your brand’s functions by creating original event videos that keep delivering value long after the curtain call.

Reach out to Keyy Productions to learn more about how our team can help capture your big event in all its glory, and create videos for all your marketing platforms. Also, don’t forget to read more about our Digital Event Service, which allows flexible filming for all your online event needs!

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