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Many businesses will eventually face the challenge of needing to communicate information to an audience who are short on time, and really short on attention span.

When it comes to providing instruction, telling a story or making complex information digestible, few tools are as powerful as an explainer video. They are the gift that just keeps giving.

Keyy Productions is a professional explainer video company and are experts in creating great quality explainer videos that break from the norm to communicate the information that is essential to the success of your brand, service or product.

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What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are short and creative ways of explaining to your audience what you offer or what you do.

Explainer videos clearly communicate your products, services, and value, helping increase conversions for your brand.

Great explainer content can be used for product or service demos, corporate story videos, training or education and even pitch videos.

Practical and hyper-effective, think of explainer videos as the workhorse of your video marketing strategy..

As your explainer video powers away behind the scenes, you’ll be delivering direct value and instruction to your audience, all-the-while building brand awareness and confidence.

Why are explainer videos so impactful?

In 2019, 96% of people watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service, and of those who watched an explainer video, an incredible 84% say they were convinced to buy a product or service.

No matter how you break it down, those figures are outstanding for any business looking to see a practical return on their digital marketing investment.

The reason explainer videos have such incredible reach and effectiveness boils down to practicality.

For a business, creating a brilliant explainer video to instantly educate their team or audience will not only save time and resources, it will also ensure that their ideas and messages are communicated in a way that is onbrand, every time.

Explainer Video Case Study: SANE Australia

SANE Australia, was in need of some video content that would inform and engage their general community, as well as Forum Partner organisations about the SANE forums.

Working closely with the SANE Australia team, we developed a suite of impactful and digestible content that would carry them across all platforms and speak to each of their specific messaging needs.

"The suite of videos that were developed were excellent. Using real life stories, as well as real-life moderators, brought a lot of authenticity to the videos. The videos … are extremely powerful, and can be used in a variety of settings, with a range of audiences. The videos with the moderators position SANE as a leader in digital mental health, and put a face to an otherwise faceless support service. We have seen the numbers of unique visitors to the Forums double [in just three months]."

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How to make a great explainer video

While the concept of an explainer video may seem fairly cut and dry there is absolutely no reason to feel limited in your creativity. Push the boundaries of your information communication but remember to include these key elements to make your explainer video shine.
Tell a story
Avoid a straightforward description of your product or service that will disengage your audience by framing your information through a story. A simple shift towards a narrative storyline will help your audience to relate to the information and connect it with their own experience and understanding.
Explain ‘why’
Every business is trying to solve a problem and deliver unique value, so don’t tell us ‘what’ you do, instead tell us ‘why’. Focusing on the ‘why’ will not only make your explainer video more interesting, it will also let the audience understand why the content is important/relatable/beneficial to them.
Get to the point
Explainer videos are practical in nature, and most people who click on your video have done so to learn something specific from your content. They are not interested in hearing you waffle about something unrelated to the topic, so quickly get to the point and keep the information relevant and engaging.
Include interesting visuals
The addition of visual elements such as onscreen text and lively graphics will work wonders to underscore and communicate your key points, and ensure the informative content is more digestible for your audience.

Thinking about making an explainer video for your marketing strategy?

Practical and powerful, explainer videos are an obvious choice for any brand that wants to connect with their audience and share information in a way that will make people sit up and pay attention.

If you’re interested in an explainer video for your brand, Keyy Productions have the perfect production team to help you translate your message, design and execute a concept that will stand out from the crowd.

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