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In a world where authenticity is the new currency, gone are the days where stock photos will cut it with your online audience. High-quality, professional photography that reflects your brand’s story and best assets should be at the forefront of your website and social media channels.

Whether it's capturing your event, getting some fresh new corporate staff headshots or getting a suite of stunning photography for your social media and website, Keyy Productions Photography Packages are the perfect business investment.

Luckily for all of us, stunning photography has become increasingly more affordable and accessible, which means you can regularly refresh your photos and ensure your marketing stays up to date with the latest photography trends and styles. It’s a small investment that makes a big impact on your first impression, and in this day and age we often only get one shot at capturing our customers’ attention.

Great photography makes all of us look our best, and there’s no better feeling than knowing your customers are seeing an arresting + authentic view into your company’s purpose, projects, and people.

In need of a refresh or got an event coming up? Chat with us today about stunning corporate photography for your business.

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Why should I invest in professional photography?

High-quality photography instantly elevates your brand and builds trust with your online audience. While low-quality phone photos might be fine for personal social media accounts, professional photography is the only way for your business to be taken seriously and compete for attention in a digital world.

A refreshed and totally brand-aligned collection of photography gives you a fast and varied injection of content that can be used when and as needed throughout the year. It’s a great way to complement your video content and to create added engagement on all of your online platforms. Plus, with photography, you have the added bonus of being able to use it across all of your marketing collateral, be it print or digital!

And whilst the world of stock imagery is dirt-cheap and easily accessible, it fails to give an authentic representation of your brand and the people behind it. In fact, stock images are super simple for the eye to spot, which can result in an element of mistrust and brand disconnection forming within your customer’s subconscious.

What does a photography package include?

A dynamic Photography Package will provide you with a wide range of high-resolution photographs to use across your website, social media, and branding collateral. We focus on capturing images that are candid and authentic, rather than posed and “set-up”, in order to build trust with your customers and bring an element of engagement to each photograph.

A Staff Photography Package can include natural, relaxed, on-brand staff headshots and dynamic team photos for your website, providing a sophisticated representation of your staff and your business. In-the-moment office shots are a great addition to this package, giving you an even better opportunity to introduce your staff to your online audience and help them build trust with a “face”.

Or, an Event Photography Package will include a collection candid and atmospheric of photos, all captured 'in-the-moment', with a clear focus on bringing to life the motivations and spirit behind the event. If you’ve got an event coming up, consider an event video [link to event video page] to complement your event photography, and ensure not a moment gets missed!

If you’ve already got a video project booked in with us, then a Behind-the-Scenes Photography Package is a brilliant way to capitalise on the upcoming shoot, giving you a whole collection of additional content to further elevate your video and campaign content.

Key features of a Photography Package

Represent your staff in the best way possible
Whether your staff are seasoned models or completely uncomfortable in front of the camera, our candid photography style is certain to capture them in their best light - no more awkward, posed headshots!
Gain trust in a way that other images can’t
Using stock images on your website and social platforms can result in a subconscious build-up of mistrust in your business and an overall lack of confidence with your audience in your products or services. True imagery of your brand, team and products will elevate your brand and completely override any mistrust or lack of confidence!
Extend the life of your campaign
Enhance and extend your upcoming campaign with the perfect complement to your video content! By having a collection of photograph ready to use, you can seamlessly generate multiple touchpoints for your target audience on a regular basis.
Consistent and sophisticated images
Avoid an inconsistent style - or completely contrasting staff headshots - by investing in high-quality, authentic photography that truly represents your brand. And there's an added bonus - with consistent staff photography you'll be portraying your team as a "team", rather than conveying subconscious negative messaging through inconsistent styles and imagery.
Enhance your video content with photography
By capturing photographs of an upcoming video shoot for your brand, you can actually double the viewer engagement on your video investment, by posting photographs which lead your audience back to your video content time and time again.
Save time by adding-on to your video shoot
If you're considering a video project with us, you can captilise on your content, by adding photography to the shoot. In this way, you'll save a tonne of time and will end up with a vast and varied collection of high-quality video and photo content, all captured across just one shoot!

How much does a Photography Package cost?

Our Photography Packages can be completely customised to suit your needs, so get in touch to find out more about our Package prices and offerings.

Photography Package Case Study: 
ReachOut Australia - Male Body Image

ReachOut Australia is a mental health organisation offering support and resources to young Australians. As part of this, they wanted to create a photo essay which explored the idea of male body image, with the aim to help young men aged 16-20 years old feel less alone in their body image concerns.

Essentially, they wanted to increase visitors to their website and help young men to feel more confident and connected.

Overall, the photo essay performed extremely well for ReachOut Australia, with over 5000 page views since publishing in May 2020 and positive feedback from users in the content helping them feel more connected.

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