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A discounted package of video production hours
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A Production Kit will give you the step up to create tailored, impactful video content while providing you with the convenience, flexibility and price points to get the absolute best from your marketing budget.

With a Production Kit you are investing an ongoing relationship with a professional Sydney video production company that understands you and your brand and who will give you the ultimate priority service in video + photo production, with the flexibility you need.

We'd love to chat about how a Production Kit could work for you so get in touch with one of our creative producers today!

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What is a Production Kit?

A Production Kit is a super discounted package of production hours which can be allocated across a 6-12 month period on any Keyy Productions video or photo projects.

The hours in a Production Kit can be distributed amongst the pre-production, production and post-production phases of multiple projects. They can be used as you wish for both bespoke and ongoing projects.

Whatever your needs, there's one thing you can be sure of with a Production Kit. You're not only investing in the quality of your marketing and the growth of your business, but you're investing in a trusting, communicative and professional creative relationship.

Our video production team will ensure that your needs will be met, your brand will be understood, and your tone will be conveyed - all while knowing that your return on investment is booming!

Who would benefit from a Production Kit?

If regular video content is a need for your business then a Production Kit is the best way to maximise your marketing spend.

Perhaps you require regular messaging for your online audience or clients, or you need a package of content for an upcoming campaign or launch? Or do you work to quarterly or annual marketing budgets?

Whatever your business, if you’re looking for high-quality, impactful video content that you can roll-out in line with your marketing plans, plus a dedicated creative team of experts at your disposal, then you can be sure that a Production Kit is the most efficient and cost-effective way to go about producing it.

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Key features of a Production Kit

Consistent original content
An ongoing collection of brand-aligned video content to ensure your marketing is consistent, current and targeted for your brand.
Extremely cost-effective
Purchasing your production time in advance will provide you with a reduced overall cost for maximum, quality content at a discounted price.
We know that all of your marketing needs cannot be known and planned in advance, so as your content evolves, feel confident that your Production Kit will grow and adapt with you.
Quality guarantee
Each stage of production follows Keyy’s trademark process which ensures care and attention is given to each project, for a fantastic end product.
A dedicated team
Your dedicated team of industry professionals will deeply understand your brand and content goals for a smooth and easy process for every project.
Scheduling priority
As your production time has been booked in advance, you’ll have access to a fast-tracked process that prioritises your projects and reduces turnaround time.

Production Kits Case Study: Great Race Australia

Great Race are the masters of fun corporate team building activities, and they needed engaging explainer videos for their website to help potential clients decide which activity was right for them. 

The suite of content required multiple shoots at real client events across six different locations and shoot dates, so it made sense to opt for a Production Kit.

This meant that Great Race could pre-purchase a number of production hours which could then be allocated as needed to their video projects down-the-track.

It gave them a hugely discounted price on their overall video content and meant that they could decipher the logistics of filming with their clients when the time was right.

"We couldn't be happier with our suite of videos! We get so many comments from potential clients who have seen them on our website and often this is what convinces them to enquire with us.

The videos are so successful we've actually found that any of our activities that we didn't create videos for convert so much less."

How much does a Production Kit cost?

Each Kit ensures major savings for your video content plus discounted Social Media Suites and other great bonuses.

Starter Kit
60 hours of production time
Up to $2500 in savings

Approximately 3-5 standard videos

Can be used across a 6 month period

Some bonuses included
$11 700+ GST
Specialist Kit
120 hours of production time
Up to $4000 in savings

Approximately 6-8 standard videos

Can be used across a 6 month period

Extra bonuses included
$21 600+ GST
Premium Kit
200 hours of production time
Up to $8500 in savings

Approximately 10-12 standard videos

Can be used across a 12 month period

Major bonuses included
$32 000+ GST

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