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Video production for mental health, support and care organisations
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Using video to tell stories in the mental health, care and support sectors has never been more important.

But it can be a challenge to find a video production company that can prioritise the wellbeing of those sharing personal or sensitive stories on camera and the audience viewing this content.

Keyy Productions has developed a unique Safe Storytelling approach, so you can have confidence that you're partnering with a video production agency that will tell these stories with the care they require.

A sensitive approach to video content

Safe Storytelling is our video production approach that prioritises the health and wellbeing of those sharing personal or sensitive stories on camera as well as the audience viewing the content.

Which projects require Safe Storytelling?

Projects where participants are being asked to share a story that is emotional in nature, particularly related to mental or physical health, relationships, grief or trauma.

Projects where a participant is being asked to discuss information with a sensitive subject matter, regardless of whether the participant has lived experience of the topic.

Content that is being created for a vulnerable audience.

Experience Keyy Productions team member interviewing a participant on set

Examples of Safe Storytelling projects

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Who does Safe Storytelling benefit?

Those featured on camera

It’s not always easy to be on camera, but our Safe Storytelling approach has been carefully designed so that anyone featuring in the content feels confident, safe and empowered to share their story or perspective.

You can rest assured that our team will create a positive experience for those presenting or speaking on camera.

The audience

When content is made for a vulnerable audience, there are extra levels of care required at every stage of the production process.

Our Safe Storytelling approach ensures your video has clear messaging and provokes thought or action, while keeping the audience safe and engaged.

The organisation

Our extensive experience means you won't be spending time teaching your production company the basics of duty of care.

You can trust that sensitive subject matters are dealt with carefully, so we can focus on making great content together.

What you get

Stories told with care
The right guidance
An experienced team
Our signature interview process
Support resources
High-quality video content

Trusted partnerships

We're trusted by Australia's leading mental health organisations, Government agencies, health providers, and support services who have important stories to tell that may be sensitive in nature, and require additional duty of care to ensure they're told safely.

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What they say about us:

  • “The highlight of working with Keyy Productions for me was the high level of empathy and emotional intelligence everyone we worked with had.

    We were able to work together to create some incredible content that we will be able to use for many years.”

    -Alice Guerin
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  • "The team are amazing to work with - not only lovely people but deliver to every project with professionalism, incredible attention to detail and a creative flair.

    Highly recommend!”

    -Sophie Hodge
  • "Their understanding of the brief, creative flair, professionalism and patience make them our first choice when scoping for our projects.

    They are also very experienced with working with mental health projects, with empathy and understanding for those with lived experience. Would highly recommend Keyy Productions!”

    -Vanessa Delaney


Is this offering a set package?

We don’t believe a one size fits all model achieves the best outcome. Each Safe Storytelling project is unique and as such we tailor our approach to each organisation and each project. To find out how we’d approach working with you reach out to our team.

How much does this approach cost?

This approach comes at no additional cost to your video project.

How much do your videos cost?

We aren’t able to put a fixed price on a video project, simply because every single project is different (which is a good thing!). Because of this, we take the time to really understand your needs and create a completely unique and customised proposal for you, which details the project and the time + cost inclusions.

Do you work with organisations who have never
told these kinds of stories before?

Absolutely. We’ve worked with organisations that have no experience in this area and we’ve worked with organisations that have incredible amounts of experience. However, before partnering with organisations we make sure they have the capacity and resources to engage safely and ethically in this type of work.

What are Keyy Productions’ responsibilities?

Advising our clients how we see the Safe Storytelling approach being applied to their project and provide them with a clear understanding of what this approach involves, and the responsibilities on both sides.

Ensuring the client has access to our terms and conditions regarding Safe Storytelling.

Advising clients if we believe there is more they can do to contribute to the process in order for the Safe Storytelling approach to be successful.

At all times be assessing if the production activities are potentially distressing or unsafe for participants. Consult with the client and ensure appropriate steps are taken.

Stopping interviews or production activities if we deem them to be unsafe for any party involved.

What are NOT Keyy Productions’ responsibilities?

We do not qualify our interview subject as mentally or physically fit to be interviewed. We can provide clients with external resources on how to make that determination, however it is the sole responsibility of the client to decide if an interviewee is fit for a production.

We do not provide any medical advice to our clients or interviewees on how to manage or treat mental or physical health.

Although our interviews are often conversational and personable, we do not intend them to function as any form of therapy or self-improvement activity.

We do not follow up on the wellbeing of interviewees following their interview or role in the production, though we do actively encourage clients to follow up. We can provide external resources and advise a suggested practice for clients to follow up with interviewees.

To learn more about our Safe Storytelling process, get in touch!