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Using lived experience and personal stories safely and effectively in your marketing and comms
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Using lived experience or personal stories in marketing and comms campaigns requires a certain level of care in both the planning of a production and during filming itself. When done safely and effectively, these stories are powerful vehicles for driving change, building a community, and raising awareness.

We've developed our specialised Safe Storytelling approach to producing video content to make these kind of projects possible for your team.

Your story is safe with us. 

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Our Safe Storytelling process 

Safe Storytelling is the specialised process, consideration and duty of care that Keyy Productions brings to every video content project that involves sensitive material, lived experience or personal stories. 

Through extensive industry experience, professional training and interpersonal skills, every member of the Keyy Productions team contributes to the success of a Safe Storytelling project by creating an environment that allows for exceptional quality, emotive content to be captured and created while prioritising the wellbeing and safety of our clients and participants. 

When it comes to Safe Storytelling, Keyy Productions are industry experts with the ability to provide participants with the best possible experience when contributing to sensitive productions. 

Our experience in Safe Storytelling

When you work with Keyy Productions, you're partnering with a specially trained production team who understand the extra duty of care required to use lived experience or personal stories in your marketing + comms campaigns. 

We've worked with some of Australia's leading organisations in the support and care sectors on a range of video content projects, including ReachOut Australia, MS Australia, Black Dog Institute, SANE Australia, Inner City Legal Centre, NAPCAN, Go Foundation, and NSW Health.

When we work with an organisation, we become an extension of your team, operating as your messaging allies to produce video content that is on-brand and effective, with a process that is stress-free and safe for everyone involved.


Experience Keyy Productions team member interviewing a participant on set
Keyy Productions briefing a participant on set during the Safe Storytelling process

Which projects require Safe Storytelling? 

Safe Storytelling is not something you need to specifically request when working with us; our team will bring their expertise and the Safe Storytelling approach to every project that requires this extra duty of care. We will discuss exactly what this might look like for each project, and we will guide your team throughout the entire process. 

There are a range of industries and projects that typically require a specialised Safe Storytelling approach. These include projects that involve:

  • 'Real' stories and lived experiences, often told first hand where the participant is being asked to share a story that is emotional in nature, particularly related to mental or physical health, relationships, grief or trauma
  • Scripted scenarios based on real stories or lived experiences, often recreated or performed by actors
  • Content that is being created for a vulnerable audience, often involving critical health or support information


Case Study: SANE Australia Lived Experience Stories

We worked with the SANE Australia team to create a series of lived experience story videos which would feature real forum users talking about their personal experience with the platform, to build authentic advocacy for their services.

Each story video featured interview content which was crafted carefully during the pre-production phase to ensure that the material would be authentic, personal and connective for the audience, and that any sensitive material would be handled with expert care from our team, ensuring a deep level of comfort and safety on set for everyone.

Client feedback: "Using real life stories, as well as real-life moderators, brought a lot of authenticity to the videos. The videos … are extremely powerful, and can be used in a variety of settings, with a range of audiences. We have seen the numbers of unique visitors to the Forums double [in just three months]."

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