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In the vast, colourful, complex world of social media, your marketing strategy needs to cut through the noise and stop those thumbs from scrolling past your content, and the best way to do that is with video content that is tailored specifically for each platform.

Where a video created for your website can afford to expand the narrative and communicate beyond the visual, social media videos must be a cause for pause and hold your audience’s attention.

Our Social Media Suite is the perfect way to create additional, powerful content from your original video that will communicate your brand’s message in bite-sized pieces. Having a suite of content that is optimized for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ready to launch with your next campaign means your messaging is cohesive + consistent across each platform.

A Social Media Suite is an additional package option that can be added to your next project with us, or a cost-effective solution to repurpose existing footage from a previous project we’ve worked on together.

Let your video work for you again and again by tailoring it to your social platforms. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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What is a Social Media Suite?

A Social Media Suite works alongside your long-form video marketing campaign and is created specifically with each platform in mind. Your original video will be cut down to your chosen length up to 60 seconds and delivered in landscape (great for Facebook and LinkedIn), portrait (perfect for Stories) and square formats (ideal for Instagram feeds), with custom on-screen titles, graphics and background music + all desired branding.

You also have the option to include a specific call-to-action to direct traffic where you want it to go, making the Social Media Suite the perfect asset for an upcoming campaign or launch!

A Social Media Suite can be added from the beginning of the project so we can work with your marketing team to ensure we capture content specifically for your online audience. This serves as the perfect sidekick to your hero video content that’s ready to be released when you launch your campaign. Or you can choose to add this package to your project later down the track to get more use out of a video you already love and performs well for your brand.

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The difference between each social media platform

Platforms like Facebook often perform well with content that is 3 minutes or longer, but studies also show that on average 47% of the value in a video is delivered in the first 3 seconds (Animoto). That’s a lot of pressure to place on the first 3 seconds of your video, but when your content has been specifically created with this in mind, you can make sure that every second counts. A Social Media Suite of specific shorter cut-down edits is the perfect way to extend the life of your campaign and get your audience to engage with your full-length video content by getting them invested and eager for more content.

Video content in your Instagram feed can be up to 1 minute long, or you can upload multiple clips to your IGTV or stories. For Instagram, a general rule of thumb is to stick to the under 30 second rule to keep your message short, sharp and attention grabbing.

Online videos will account for more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022 (imagen), so are you making the most of your videos on social media?

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Key features of a Social Media Suite

Extend the life of your campaign
Why have just one video, when you can have additional content to launch with your next campaign! A Social Media Suite is a cost-effective way to create more content, more posts and better reach, all from the one shoot.
Consistent + cohesive content
It takes multiple touch-points across numerous platforms for a customer to move from awareness to consideration to the purchasing phase, and a Social Media Suite ensures that every time they engage with your campaign that your message is communicated consistently and cohesively across all your platforms.
The sidekick to your hero video
The video that is at the centre of your marketing campaign might be the hero, but a Social Media Suite creates a series of shorter edits that serve as the perfect sidekick. It’s a small investment that plays a super important role in your marketing strategy.
Feel confident in your social media strategy
When it comes to launching a new marketing campaign it can be nerve-wracking to know how it will be received. But when you know you’ve created content specifically for each platform you can rest easy and feel confident that your strategy will be effective at reaching your online audience.
Tailored with a scrolling audience in mind
Your video will be custom-made into short edits in landscape, portrait and square formats giving you a suite of content that is perfect for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, IGTV, Insta Stories and many more platforms. And because more and more people are watching video without the sound on, we include subtitles and captions to make sure your message is heard (or read!).
Social media with social impact
With our partnership with B1G1: Business For Good, every time a Social Media Suite is purchased we give back to a charity or organisation on your behalf. Click here [link to Giving Pack section on about us page] to read more about our current charity partner and the communities and lives your Social Media Suite will have an impact on.

How much does a Social Media Suite cost?

A Social Media Suite is an additional package option which can be added to a full length video project.

For just $550 + GST, a Social Media Suite includes:

1 x 1 min cut-down of your full-length video


Edits delivered in square, portrait and landscape for all social platforms

3 x 15 sec portrait edits

Specific CTA or messaging for campaigns + promotions

Proceeds from every Suite purchased go towards Business for Good!

Social Media Suite Video Case Study: The McDonald College

We’ve worked with many brands to execute their marketing strategies across their social media platforms, and a great example of how effective a Social Media Suite can be is our recent project with McDonald College.

Click here to read more about the project and hear from our client on their biggest fears, most surprising results, and how a Social Media Suite worked for them.

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