Take The Party Online: Digital Event Videos

September 16, 2020
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Keyy Productions Team

In this new Covid-world it may seem impossible to go ahead with your end of year event or awards ceremony, but we think we've got the perfect antidote so you can still celebrate safely with your team. And we don't know if there's ever been a more important time to bring your team together for a (virtual) stiff drink and say goooood riddance to 2020!

Introducing our Digital Events: pre-recorded, fully produced video content that can be broadcast to your audience at a pre-determined date and time. It's the safety of pre-recorded content + the fun of going live!

OK wait, what is a digital event and how does it work and will we ever get to party in a big room together ever again? Well, we hope so. But in the meantime, a Digital Event is a completely customisable solution that can include all the things we love about in-person events that can be enjoyed by your audience from anywhere in the world.

How? We can film entirely remotely using our premium mailable webcam kits to ensure consistent, high quality recording across your team (no one even needs to leave their house, and even the CEO can stay in their slippers… #winning). Or we can film with a small team on-site at your offices or your favourite events venue (they'd love your business too!) following all Covid-safe practices. So no matter where your key team members are located across Australia, we have a way to make sure they can be a part of your event!

A group of 5 young people holding drinks at a corporate event

Back in the good old days of 2019 (yes, this year has been so long that anything pre-March will now be considered the 'good old days') your end-of-year event or awards ceremony might have looked a little something like this:

  • Important people making speeches that are either too funny or maybe not funny enough?
  • Award winners making rather long acceptance speeches.
  • A Powerpoint with graphs that you can't read because your glasses don't match your gala get-up.
  • Getting food envy for the alternate-drop-menu option that you DIDN'T get..
  • A cover band singing a surprisingly good rendition of Hey Ya!
  • Laughing, celebrating and enjoying the company of your colleagues.

The good news is: all of this is still possible with a Digital Event! We can record speeches + presentations, include a highlight reel of your team's achievements, interview award finalists, visit sites or capture completed projects, and include any traditions that your event usually includes.

We then put all of this together and include your company branding, logos and sponsor messaging to create a knock-out digital show where all that's left to do is hit 'play'. Pre-recording all your content means all the work has been done and there's no stress on the actual event date; your entire team can sit back and enjoy the show with the rest of your audience and watch themselves up on the big screen!

To ensure maximum event-anticipation-vibes we recommend broadcasting or live-streaming the finished product at a set date and time (we can help you with this too via Vimeo, YouTube, or a platform of your choice), so your staff or audience can still get excited as the event start time rolls around, only this time they can join in the celebration from home with a champers in hand and no need for a babysitter!

Wait… so it's all filmed and edited in advance but the final product can be viewed live by anyone we give the link to? Sounds like the best of both worlds? Exactly. Couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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