The 5 steps to get started with video marketing in 2020: It's not too late

June 9, 2020
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Keyy Productions Team

Wow, so the start of 2020 has been ... a lot.

I think we can all agree that the disruptions we're experiencing at the moment were not included in anybody's plan for their business this year.

When it comes to marketing, some of you might have kicked off 2020 with a carefully articulated and well-intentioned marketing plan that now seems totally defunct and irrelevant.

Perhaps even more of you will belong to the very large pool of businesses whose 2020 marketing plan never quite ... started at all, but the thought of sitting down and trying to execute any marketing whatsoever at the moment seems daunting and frankly, pointless.

Well, shockingly, despite all of the uncertainty I would argue that marketing still has a very important, dare I say it, crucial role to play in 2020 for most businesses. The world is closed and each of us are very literally, further apart than ever before but it's also so so important to remember that the world is listening. We are each of us reaching out, seeking connection, looking to support and in many ways more actively consuming marketing than ever before.

On that note, below are the five key steps to get started with video marketing in 2020, worldwide chaos be damned!

While each of the steps outlined here can be actioned immediately, some of the creative concepts you have after reading this article will be for future plans, and definitely don't be afraid of that.


Now unless you've been working under a particularly big and shady rock, this will by no means be the first time you've been told that video has taken over the marketing world. But it's important to note that while many marketing trends flicker and fade away, the video marketing flame is only growing brighter, and in 2020, despite everything that is going on with the world, it's definitely not slowing down.

From living room live streams, to remote graphic video mashups and carefully filmed intimate stories, video is being consumed more than ever.

Here are some particularly poignant stats about video marketing to drive this point home:

  • In 2020, 82% of internet traffic will come from video
  • Videos are shared on social media 1200% more than images and text combined
  • 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it
  • Landing pages that incorporate video also register an 80% rise in conversion rates (source: Irish Tech News)

(Source: Raw Shorts)


In the not-so-distant past video content was a rare sight, something that was only accessible to big-name brands, with budgets to match. But in 2020, you don't have to be an industry giant to create great videos that can skyrocket your brand awareness. Now more than ever, video is for EVERYONE.

And what may surprise you, is that there are still many options available to create NEW original content despite physical distancing requirements.

Even setting aside the current COVID-19 crisis, we're not naive enough to think that just by declaring video open for business you'll be rushing out to start filming. Many of you will have other very legitimate reasons for holding back from creating video. Some of the most common we hear are:

  1. We just don't have the budget this year
  2. The business isn't ready for video yet
  3. I have no clue where to start

Each of these reasons can be a real barrier to investing in original video content, but we're here to save the day with the definitive five first steps to get started with video marketing this year (whether you think you're ready or not).


1. Identify The Need

This first step is the simplest one. Ask yourself, does my business need to market itself better?

If your answer is anything other than 'no way, my business is as good as it's ever going to be' then you've found your need for video, HUZZAH!

Now, we don't want to imply that video marketing is the right fit for every business or the ONLY type of content you should be creating. But perhaps when you examine what you're doing at the moment you'll find that your current marketing is great at reaching one type of audience, but neglects other markets. Perhaps you'll discover that you've actually never made a dedicated effort with marketing. Or perhaps you'll realise that there is so much information bombarding your market at the moment that your communications are becoming white noise.

Either way, we recommend sitting down and really thinking about where your business has been and where you want it to go. Think about this in the short term and long term.

If, after this, you consider marketing to be an important part of the puzzle, then chances are video is going to play a key role in kicking your business into the next gear.

2. Know Your Brand 

This step may seem obvious, but hear us out. To create video content that is going to have a real impact you need to really get to know yourself and figure out what is important to your brand. Every business has a personality, and clients will buy this personality because it's authentic.

So pull your team together (those video chats work wonders) and really hunker-down and look critically at who you are as a brand. Are you fun, bubbly and fresh; sophisticated, polished and bold? Make a simple dot-point list of your brand's key personality traits, target audience and services and you'll be surprised at how obvious the video content you need to create becomes.

A creative producer sits on a grey couch with her laptop in her lap

3. Have An Intention 

So, you've finished steps one and two and you know that YES you want to be creating videos and YES you have some ideas for the type of videos you want for your brand. So now it's time to really get deliberate about what you'll be creating.

Let's be honest, video is cool, and it is very easy to get a bit carried away with all the possibilities, but in this step, have a real think about how you'll practically be using the video you'll be creating.

Especially in the short term, think about how this video content will help to address the unique needs of your business AND customers during extraordinary circumstances.

Ask yourself:

  • Where will the video/s be circulating? Just on the business website, through social channels, at an event?
  • Who do I want to see the videos? Pro tip: answering 'everyone' is not the right response here. Target your key audience for the best results.
  • What is the purpose of this video? This last question is key, and thinking about this carefully will make all the difference. Is your goal to build engagement? Boost morale? To communicate your brand voice? Have great new staff apply for the business?

There are so many motivations that could be valid for you and it is CRUCIAL to know what they are.

4. Set A Budget 

And here we are...the dreaded fourth step, it's time to think about money.

The fact is that yes, creating original video content is a commitment of resources, and almost definitely more than you'd prefer to commit.  But those approaching video as a strategy and tailoring it to their brand can see the results pay back very simply: more spread, more engagement, more conversions.

When setting your budget there are a couple of key things to consider:

  • How much you can afford to spend? Again, this seems obvious, but really have a look at what budget you have put aside for marketing. If it's really tiny because you are still growing or have been deeply impacted by the pandemic, think about the longer-term benefits and returns that effective marketing could have for the business.
  • Any additional expenses. Production can be a complicated process and there are often additional costs that you didn't factor in at the start such as travel costs, location hire and permits. When you approach production companies, ask them to be very upfront with these extra costs and set aside some extra budget for incidentals. This is something we always make an effort to do at the start of the process, so there are no nasty surprises down the track.
  • Set a budget, but expect it to bend. Whether you've never used video content or you're an old hat with managing complex productions, remember that every project is different and allow yourself to be guided by your production company. This is where a trusted relationship with your production company will make the world of difference.

5. Start A Conversation!

Now for the really good news - you're not expected to know everything!

Video production can be a complicated beast, so, and really listen to me when I say this, it's okay to ask questions! It's okay to shop around and it's DEFINITELY okay to not be a production expert. That's what we're here for!

Sometimes the best thing you can do is get out of your own head and just start talking. Even if you don't have a clear video concept yet or idea of how video could help you, it's a great idea to come to a production company with some marketing goals and a super solid idea of your brand voice. Production companies that know what they're doing will be able to take these cues and point you in the right direction.

When looking for a video production company have a really good look through their website and find some examples of their work. Even if you can't see that they've worked with your particular industry in the past, more so consider if you like their style. Does the production quality look good, do the interviews look natural, have they worked with brands that have a tone similar to your own?

Once you've found a production team that has you feeling all those simpatico feelings, it's time to reach out to them! Let them know what you're thinking of doing and what stage of the process you're in and the conversation starts.

While every production company is different, at Keyy Productions, following your initial enquiry, we'll reach out to you for a chat and this is where the magic starts. You can tell us about your brand, your marketing intentions and the content you're dreaming of creating. We'll answer your questions, give you insights into the full production process, help feed your ideas and pull you back to reality where needed.

A good production company should be there for you from the very start. But also know that on your end, you need to be open to them and willing to share and develop a back-and-forth - this will truly blow the video production door wide open for you!

We hope that these 5 steps have given you some insight, have sparked some excitement and more importantly, have given you a whole lot of confidence to move forward and start creating original video content for your business.

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