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August 20, 2018
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Keyy Productions Team

We love the creative development phase of video - putting our heads together and brainstorming ideas, concepts and style. When it comes to production, our strengths lie in story and narrative, and in drawing vulnerable and intimate responses in interviews, all wrapped up in a polished, narrative-driven edit.

We know that figuring out what kind of video content you need can be tricky and overwhelming, so we tend to stick to 6 different types of videos, in order to keep things simple. That being said, we also happily tailor-make videos to suit the needs of a client.

Our videos include:


1 . Brand Story Videos

These are a great way to introduce your brand and the faces behind it, by telling your story - who you are, what you’re about, and why you’re doing this! We combine beautiful, candid footage with interviews, to bring your story to life. Think: a mini doco about your business.


2. Product and Service Promos

These videos are highly effective in showcasing the details and benefits of your product or service and getting them seen by your target customer. 


3. Testimonial Videos

What better way to promote your customer experience than through a Testimonial Video. Satisfied customers candidly share their experience of your brand.


4. Event Coverage Videos

An amazing way to give your customers an authentic look into your brand. Events are times when your brand looks its best, your staff are having fun, and your clients are loving themselves sick! Plus, you can use these to promote your next event!


5. Informative Videos

Video is the best way to get a heap of information across in a really short time. Informative Videos include on-screen graphics to highlight key points, and they can be used for in-house training, client assistance, or to promote your product or service.

We offer cut-down edits of all of our videos, which means you get more value out of your content and more sharing on social media!

If one of these tickles your fancy, get in touch to organise a chat with us! We’d love to hear about your needs and put together a proposal for your business.

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