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In a COVID-current world, Remote Video Content allows you to create dynamic video marketing campaigns and internal communications content from anywhere in the world. Our team are experts at managing the entire filming process remotely, including pre-production, on-camera interviews, editing, and delivery. 

We've worked with numerous brands to create remote social media video content, training videos, brand story films, and interviews, all without anyone needing to leave their homes. 

Remote video content offers a lockdown-proof solution while opening up opportunities for your brand to include talent, staff, and speakers from all over the world. 

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What is remote video content?

A remote video content project is one that involves some component of remote filming. This could involve filming the entire project over video conferencing apps like Zoom or Google Meets, or filming with a limited team on a set with additional creatives dialling in via Zoom. A remote video content project might also involve compiling footage filmed by your users, customers, or staff, which is then sent to us to be colour-graded and edited into the final product, complete with your company branding and graphics. 

The entire video production process can be transitioned to the digital space so that you can safely create video marketing campaigns, internal comms and messaging content, training videos, and company celebrations, regardless of border closures, lockdowns or restrictions. 

Design a remote video content project from the outset, or chat to us about pivoting your exisiting video project to a remote one.

How does remote filming work?

The process for a remote video content project is very similar to any video production process; our team will get to know your brand and video needs and will create a customised proposal for your remote video project. The only difference is that most (or all) of the filming will happen over a video conferencing app like Zoom, or footage will be filmed by individuals in their own time and compiled by our team.

During pre-production, our team will coordinate and organise the remote shoots with the people who will be appearing on camera, including providing support on how to set up their space and capture the highest quality footage. We have mailable, high quality web cam and audio kits, or we can work with the computer equipment they have on hand.

We can conduct and record interviews over Zoom using our signature interview approach just like we would on an in-person set. We can also film scripted content to-camera (or should we say: to-webcam), directing the talent remotely via Zoom. 

To elevate and enhance the footage, our post-production team colour-grade and craft the footage to include dynamic graphics, on-screen text, additional b-roll footage or still imagery (if available), and customised branding. We can transform simple footage into relevant, impactful and sharable video content that represents your brand and speaks to your audience. 

Remote Video Content Case Study: ReachOut Australia

As the most accessed online mental health service for young people and their parents in Australia, our client, ReachOut Australia, wanted to cut through the noise of COVID content online. Their trusted self-help information, peer-support program and referral tools save lives by helping young people be well and stay well, so naturally, they wanted find a way to help young people feel connected during lockdown with a suite of engaging, informative content.

This project required Flex Mami chatting directly to camera, filmed remotely without anyone leaving the house #lockdown. We worked with ReachOut to create a clear creative concept which could be handed over to Flex Mami for production. The tone and style of the video content was extremely specific and tailored to a young, meme-culture audience - it needed to be highly engaging, impactful and sharable. 

How to make great remote video content

Our team has worked with many brands to create successful remote video content projects that have had huge impact online. Here are some of the ways to make great video content that's filmed remotely.  
Focus on quality content 
Thankfully, audiences are forgiving during these times as long as the quality of your content, and what your video is saying is engaging and relevant. Our team will ensure your Zoom-quality footage is enhanced and transformed into engaging content by adding branded graphics, sophisticated editing, and dynamic music. 
Take advantage of remote filming capabilities
You can include interviews, testimonials, stories, and advice from anyone in the world. If you're no longer bound by having to get someone on set, think of the unique opportunities to involve staff, customers, and users no matter where they are! Take advantage of the flexibility and ease of remote filming.
Lockdown-proof video marketing campaigns
Bolster your team against the agony of lockdown-interrupted campaigns and create a remote video content campaign instead! No re-shoots or re-schedules required, just plan, execute, and share your lockdown-proof content. 

Want to start a remote video content project?

If you're looking for a simple, effective, and lockdown-proof solution for your next video project, then remote video content is the perfect solution. Get in touch with our creative producers to get started or to find out more. 

We also offer Digital Events to ensure your team can celebrate awards nights, fundraising and corporate events safely and without the stress of a looming cancellation. 

You might also be interested in our Presenting on Camera training if you need to up skill ahead of an important interview, pitch or presentation. We include specific video conferencing tips for Zoom presenting and any on-camera situation. 


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