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End of year events, awards nights and corporate functions are an integral part of work life; they strengthen your community and workplace culture, create opportunities for networking and relationship building, and celebrate the achievements of your team or industry.

In a post-Covid world, it might not seem possible to go ahead with your corporate events, but fun can’t be cancelled forever, and there is a way to celebrate safely and involve team members no matter where they are! Our digital events are pre-recorded video content that can be broadcast to your audience at a later date and time; it’s the safety of pre-recorded + the fun of live streaming.

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What is a digital event video?

Every event is unique, which means every digital event video is a completely customised solution that captures and celebrates your business. We work with you to design the perfect event from start to finish - it can include speeches + presentations, a highlight reel of your team's achievements, interviews with award finalists, site visits or completed projects, and any traditions that your event usually includes.

With the option to film in-person with a small team, or entirely remotely with our premium web cam kits, no matter where you are and whatever your Covid circumstances, we can create a digital event for your organisation.

The final product is edited together with your company branding, logos, and any sponsor messaging, and all that’s left to do is hit ‘play’. We recommend broadcasting your digital event video at a specific date and time through Vimeo or YouTube Live stream options (these can still be private or password protected links shared with only your community) so your audience can still experience all the fun and anticipation as with a live event.

A digital event lasts forever which means you have the option to share or repurpose your video (or some of the best bits) on social media platforms, internal channels, or with international team members.

Why live stream a pre-recorded video?

Live-streaming is a great option if your keynote speakers can all be in the same room together, or if you have the capabilities to stream from multiple locations. This requires a feat of event coordination to happen in real-time and leaves the door wide open for technical failures. We choose to pre-record all your content and edit it into a knock-out ‘show’ that will play from start to finish without interruption. All the coordinating of speakers in multiple locations, writing speeches, collating award data, performances, and interviews, happens ahead of time which allows for a professional, polished and stress-free final product that you get to keep forever. 

Whilst all the content is pre-recorded, your digital event video can still be streamed live! There are great platforms that allow for your pre-recorded content to be released live at a set date and time when all the work has been done and your entire team can sit back and enjoy the show.

Beyond simply being valuable marketing collateral, for events that are not purely celebratory but driven by a cause or core need, video is a crucial tool to maximise publicity and drive your important message to a wider audience.

Digital Event Case Study: NSW Health, Excellence in Nursing & Midwifery Awards

One of the events affected by COVID-19 was the Excellence in Nursing and Midwifery Awards, and if there was ever a time to recognise and congratulate our amazing essential health care workers, 2020 was the year to do it. So with cancelling the awards out of the question, we worked with NSW Health to design a Digital Event solution that adhered to all COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.

We created a fully pre-recorded, one hour event that included speeches, candid finalist interviews, award winners reactions, and sponsor messaging, all ready to hit 'play' and be broadcast live on the event date. 

How to create an engaging online corporate event

Traditional in-person corporate events transition really well to the online space. To ensure you create an event that is engaging and truly celebrates + represents your company, here are some key things to consider:
Ask your audience
Ask your staff or community what they love most about attending your corporate events. This will identify what you should try to include in your digital version to ensure attendees get a similar sense of the atmosphere and culture they look forward to.
Showcase your people
Great event videos don’t just mirror what happened on the day, but they ensure that the content is relevant and appealing to the target audience. Think about what content will appeal to your audience the most and tailor your video to meet this need.
Inspire + entertain
Thanks to technology, you can include guest speakers, inspirational stories, and fun-bringers from any corner of the world in your digital event. Just because your event is online doesn’t mean it can’t be fun + engaging and include performances, musical acts or funny moments!

Want to take your next event online?

Our digital event videos are the perfect antidote to the dreaded “we’ll have to postpone our event this year…” No matter where your team is located, they can still be a part of your company events and end of year celebrations.

At Keyy Productions, our expert creative team can help you take the party online with a digital event video that leaves a lasting impact on your staff and audience.

And if you're looking for in-person event videography, we do that too!

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