The Power of Original Content

February 23, 2021
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Keyy Productions Team

Here's the thing - digital media has become an essential part of everyday life.

More than 4.5 billion people now use the internet, with 3.8 billion people regularly using social media (source: The Next Web). Sources at The Next Web tell us that mobile internet users are estimated to have consumed more than half a trillion gigabytes of mobile data during 2020, with around two-thirds of that data being used to stream and download video content - and if those figures don't blow your mind, well...I'm concerned for you.

With all that online presence our consumption of digital content is off the charts, giving businesses an opportunity to reach out and connect directly with a truly giant audience of accessible consumers. But here's the kicker - many businesses aren't getting even a tiny slice of this audience pie.

New digital content is being published every second of every day in the form of text, images and video. But consumers are savvy, and their tolerance for "biased, self-serving advertisements" (Dan Draz) and promotional content is lower than ever before.

So what to do? How do you stand out in a world that is, quite literally, flooded with content and grab a slice of that essential digital audience pie?

The answer is original content. 

And the reason creating original content in 2021 is so powerful for your business boils down to two central points - quality and visibility.

1. Quality - love your audience like you want to be loved

Your audience is unique, special, and importantly, drawn to your brand for very specific reasons. Creating original content will not only allow you to speak directly to that audience's needs and desires it will also demonstrate that you have the substance and care of a high-quality, dynamic brand.

Say you went to a restaurant that professed to have the finest Italian food in all of Sydney; the secret to the best pasta alla norma you would ever taste. Then, when your order arrives, you notice that your pasta is in a delivery box from the Italian down the road. Are you going to remember the quality of your experience at the restaurant, or are you going to start planning your next dinner from the original Italian that created the meal?

This example may seem like a bit of an oversimplification but think about it - if I stumble upon your social media pages or website and start seeing content from another business, I am going to go in search of the source, who I would naturally assume is either the authority in the space OR simply more motivated than you to meet my needs.

2. Visibility - because a secret business is not a business

Here's the thing, creating original content is not just a matter of pride, it will actually directly impact how many people can even see your brand.

Google, the world's most popular search engine and the invisible genie that controls our lives, has made some extremely powerful updates in the past few years which aim to identify and reduce the visibility of "under-performing" businesses. Nowadays, it's not enough to create a super fly website once and leave it alone to bring in leads. The Google bots will trawl your business's digital footprint looking for inactivity, irrelevant information, or underhand tactics looking to manipulate consumers to engage with your business. If any of this behaviour is found, the Google spiders will promptly kick you back in the search rankings rendering you almost invisible to a general consumer.

On the flip side, creating original content that is valuable and relevant to your audience will register with the Google bots and build your credibility and standing in the rankings. While that new blog or tailored company photography might not be getting much attention you can easily notice, rest assured that Google is paying attention to every effort you make to be original.

- - -

The power of creating original content is truly undeniable - it is the key to making your business shine like a beacon above all the rest.

Keep in mind that the barriers to creating original content have lowered, and it's more possible than ever for all businesses to be creating original content regardless of their budget. Really the only limitation now is the amount of effort you're willing to put in. Notice that I left out skill or natural-talent as a barrier for original content? This was very deliberate, as I'm a firm believer that you don't have to be a naturally skilled copywriter, graphic designer or video producer to create amazing original content. 

Determination, perseverance and consistency with your original content will override a low budget every time; and if you're still not sure where to start, don't be afraid to reach out for help and start collaborating with a creative agency who will make it their mission to kick your original content into overdrive. I hear great things about Keyy Productions...  

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