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Imagine having a library of 10-50 video content assets to use on your social media channels, email marketing campaigns, online platforms, and website.

A content library creates tailored social media video content and video marketing assets in bulk, so you can set your brand up for the months (or even years) ahead!

We take the time to creatively strategise each piece of video content in line with your marketing plan, in order to produce and deliver a varied collection of purposefully filmed, brand-aligned video clips that will provide you with ongoing, dynamic video marketing assets for social media and online platforms.

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What is a Content Library

A content library is a collection of video content, designed especially for all of your online content platforms. The library consists of 10-50+ pieces of video content, all with dynamic background music, ranging from 5-30 seconds each, purposefully captured to convey the tone, products and inspirations of your brand. All of the content is planned in advance and in collaboration with your team, ensuring it is tailored entirely to your brand tone and marketing needs.

The collection of footage is crafted in the post-production phase to include full colour-grading + dynamic editing, as well as subtle, brand-aligned background music, so that each clip is ready to utilise on any or all of your social media and online platforms. There is also the option to include any branding collateral and specific on-screen text to each clip, in order to directly purpose the content for specific social media marketing campaigns.

All clips are delivered online to allow for easy download and so that they can be used at any time, across all of your online platforms.

Key features of a Content Library

Create in bulk to keep consistent
A content library makes creating well-planned, bulk content achievable, saving you an enormous amount of time and money, and enabling you to roll out brand-aligned, high-quality content consistently without having to invest in continuous new productions.
Nail your online brand presence
Each clip is expertly crafted to ensure that the entire library captures the tone, products and inspirations of your brand so that you can position your business right in front of your target market, with consistent, awareness-building, recognisable touch-points.
Feel secure with a detailed content plan
We’ll take the time in the pre-production phase to plan out your library in collaboration with you team, to ensure you’re getting an expertly crafted, highly impactful library of content that deeply aligns with your brand.
Elevate your campaigns
Using high-quality video content to promote your campaigns will mean you’re capturing the attention + building the trust of your target market to boost campaign engagement + maximise conversions.
Customise your content
With the options to include on-screen text and branding in each clip, you can completely customise your library for upcoming campaigns and offerings.
Add-on to your current project
Enjoy the simplicity and pricing benefits of adding a Content Library on to your current video project with us, to further maximise your return on investment.

Content Library Case Study: Inala Botanics

Inala Botanics (@inalabotanics) and their Plant Powered Skincare is a stunning example of how a content library can create all the video content you need so all that's left to do is share it with your audience. Video content combined with high-quality photography elevates your brand and tells more of your story.

We worked with Inala to carefully plan out each video clip, some as short as 5 seconds, others up to 30 seconds, each with its own specific purpose to showcase their products, as well as creating an emotional connection with their target audience. We used a professional cinematographer to create luxe, stunning video content that positions the brand as a key player in the market, despite being a relatively new brand.

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How much does a Content Library cost?

Each tier includes all necessary pre-production time for planning and designing your library, as well as production time to capture each clip, and post-production time to craft each clip into an aligned and sophisticated library of content.

Starter Library
10 x 5-30 second visual clips (with music)
Add it on to your current video project with us for $3150 + GST
(10% discount)

Add branding for $200 + GST
Add text for $300 + GST
$3500+ GST
Specialist Library
30 x 5-30 second visual clips (with music)
Add it on to your current video project with us for $3900 + GST
(15% discount)

Add branding for $300 + GST
Add text for $400 + GST
$4600+ GST
Premium Library
50 x 5-30 second visual clips (with music)
Add it on to your current video project with us for $5500 + GST
(20% discount)

Add branding for $400 + GST
Add text for $500 + GST
$6900+ GST

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