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January 27, 2021
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Keyy Productions Team

CLIENT: Inala Botanics

CREATIVE TEAM: Bridget Murray (Producer), Rhys Keir (Director), Brad Conomy (DOP), Ben Coope (Lighting Assist), Veronika Moreia (Hair & Make-up), Tahnee Ingham (Model)

CONTENT CREATED: Brand + Product Content Library; Visual Product Reel; Product Application Video


Inala Botanics was a newly founded, boutique skincare company when they approached Keyy Productions looking for engaging, beautiful video content to launch their brand online.

The videos needed to be:

  • On brand - although they had not launched, Inala Botanics already had a well established social media audience and a clearly defined brand identity. Each video in the content library needed to reflect the fresh, natural, and raw beauty of the brand.
  • Enduring - Inala needed 'evergreen' content, with multiple applications, that would stay relevant to the brand as they grew.
  • High-quality - as a boutique brand, the content produced needed to be of an exceptionally high-quality, in an editorial style that would appeal to their audience across all digital platforms.

The short term goal of the content produced for Inala Botanics was to launch the brand with exceptional video content that would generate brand awareness. The long term goal for the content was to have a diverse collection of content at their fingertips ready to roll out gradually in their marketing and support brand growth.


  • 1 x product application video
  • 1 x visual product reel
  • 20 x brand + product clip videos


Working closely with the brand vision in mind, we listened to the client's desire for diverse, aesthetic content to ultimately deliver a collection of videos that would carry Inala Botanics through their start-up phase and well into the growth of their brand.

At the start of the project, the client was clear that they wanted a visual product application video and a product reel for their website, but an essential outcome they were also looking for was a range of additional assets that they could use in their marketing over the next year or longer. Without a fixed idea of what these additional assets must include, together Keyy Productions and Inala decided that a Content Library of visual clips would allow the perfect balance of flexible and varied creative content.

To achieve all that we wanted to for this project there were a couple of essential considerations to keep in mind. To keep the budget lean and maximise value, we prioritised a collaborative pre-production process where we were constantly defining and aligning the visual concepts. This clear visual planning was then communicated seamlessly to our talented production team who worked at a cracking pace across a single shoot day to capture a huge range of footage across three locations. The end result was a versatile Content Library of videos that all featured the signature Inala Botanics brand style.

A screenshot of a computer screen showing a range of video clips created for Inala Botanics


The final content library consists of a vast array of stunning visual clips that Inala Botanics can roll out across their social platforms as desired, in order to build brand awareness online, establish trust in their target market, and convert their audience to paying customers.

Creating a content library - conceptualising, planning, and creating content in bulk - provided Inala Botanics all of the content they required on a slim budget and short timeframe. Check out the finished Product Reel below!


"It was my first experience working in such a project and [I] didn't have a clear view of what exactly needed to be featured or shown in the videos...[but] all content was produced exactly in accordance to what we had discussed.

I have used clips from the library as video ads, which have converted well, I am also convinced [that] having the product application video on the product page helped with conversion.

Working with [Keyy Productions] has been a delight and I loved the whole experience! I was very impressed by how organised you were, both beforehand and on the shoot day and I really appreciated the team going the extra mile to get the best shots. Everyone was very kind and professional.'

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