6 Tips For Asking A Client To Be In Your Case Study Video

December 15, 2021
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Keyy Productions Team

Asking a client to be a part of your case study video can feel a little intimidating, but it's actually a really great way to strengthen the relationship beyond the existing dynamic.

Spending a few hours on set together and collaborating on a video content project will give you a whole new collection of shared experiences, funny moments, and authentic connections, which will only deepen your professional relationship.

Before we dive in, let's quickly talk about what a case study video is.

What is a case study video?

Case study videos are a powerfully persuasive marketing tool to build ultimate credibility with your potential customers. With 9 out of 10 people trusting what a customer says about a business more than the business itself, it's easy to see why case study videos are so effective.

A great case study video typically centers around a specific project or client relationship, rather than focusing on general praise for your business like you'd see in a testimonial video. A case study video allows your brand to showcase how you solved your client's problem in a way that's more engaging than a text-based blog post or written review. You can include client interviews, behind the scenes content, before and after footage, project progress shots, and the KPIs and metrics you achieved for your client.

Our Keyy tips for asking a client to be in your case study video

Ok, so how do you choose the right client or person to be in your case study video?

We went around the office and asked our team for their best, most practical tips to ensure the making of a case study video serves your business AND the relationship you have with your client.

1) Choose someone most like your target audience

Tip from Paige, Co-Director

Who do you currently do business with where you think 'if only all our clients were like them!'. These client relationships tend to already have very strong foundations, which is the perfect place to start when asking a client to be involved in your case study video.

If you choose a current client who is a perfect match to your target audience it'll make the video more relatable to your dream client (and therefore more impactful!). It's also likely that your client had the same problems that your dream client currently is experiencing, so you can show how your business can address those pain points and the measurable outcomes they can expect when working with you.

This might mean asking your biggest, most influential client to be involved. But don't be shy, we've got plenty more tips below to help you make it seem like something they WANT to do.


2) Stalk them on socials before asking them

Tip from Caitlin, Client Relationship Manager (and an actor with plenty of experience on camera!)

It's best to approach someone from your client's organisation who is (relatively) comfortable speaking on camera. Have a look on their Linkedin and social profiles to see if there are any videos you can find of them speaking on camera, at an event or on a webinar. This will show their general interest in being asked to speak in front of an audience.

If they've never done anything like this before, trust your gut! If you think with the right guidance and preparation they'll be able to talk confidently about their experience working with you, then approach them and see what they say. If they are excited by the prospect of being involved in your case study video, then go for it!


3) Shoot them in their best light, literally.

Tip from Rhys, Head of Production

Shoot in a location that makes your client and their brand look amazing. Professional lighting is imperative to ensure the final piece of content looks slick, well-crafted, and elevated. There's nothing worse than wasting a client favour* on a cheap looking production that doesn't make either of your brands look as good as you are. You want your client to get to watch the final content and be so glad they said yes to being involved, and proud of what you created together.

These days, many professionals are interested in raising their personal profile, so a high-quality piece of video content that can be shared with their LinkedIn network will only sweeten the deal.


4) *Pitch it as a collab, not a favour

Tip by Samm, Communications + Engagement Coordinator

Even better than asking a client for a favour is asking them to collab with you!

Think of a case study video as a collaboration and discuss how both your brands can benefit from the experience. If the final piece of content promotes them as much as you, they'll be more inclined to share the video and say yes to being involved in the first place. It might also open up more resources, shoot locations, budget, creative direction, and visibility on the content.

If this isn't really possible (some clients will be happy to be involved but can't use it as their own piece of content), you may still be able to collaborate in another way in exchange for their involvement. Whatever it is, make sure there's value for the client either personally or professionally, and it'll be hard to say no.


5) Create a special edit just for your client

Tip by Ibnu Zein, Videographer + Editor

When we're conducting on-camera interviews, we like to start by asking your client all about their business and what they do first. Not only does this help them relax into the shoot, it also gives us great footage that can be edited together into a separate piece of content which can be gifted to the client as a "Thank You" for being involved. This could be part of the agreement for them coming on board, or even offered as a special surprise.

Regardless of whether you decide to do a separate client edit, we recommend having a small gift (bottle of wine, chocolates, donuts... definitely donuts) on set that you can give to the individual people who took time out of their schedules to speak on camera for you. A client edit might be great for their brand's exposure, but it's important to thank the individuals with a personal gift too.


6) Preparation will make you look good

From Bridget, Creative Director (a.k.a Production Scheduling Queen!)

It's super important you make the entire process easy-peasy, stress-free breezy for your client. This means planning the shoot within an inch of its life (or hiring a pro crew to do this for you) so that you're being respectful of your client's time and you can ensure that the environment on set will be professional. A sloppy set where no one really knows what's happening could have a negative impact on your business's image, so never skimp on the pre-production planning!

If you'll also be speaking on camera on the same day as your client, make sure you are fully prepared before the shoot day arrives. You don't want to be off in the corner cramming lines or stressing about shirt colours - you want to be able to be present and able to engage with your client. Remember, this is a relationship-building opportunity, so do all your prep beforehand so that you can put your best foot forward in front of your client.

It's also best if there's someone on set who's job it is to make sure you get all the coverage you need so that the people who are on camera don't have to worry about getting their answers 'right'. At Keyy, one of the ways we do this is by allowing a little extra time when shooting to give the client plenty of time to relax and warm into the experience, especially if they've never done it before.

Our Creative Producers run the interview more like a conversation, and they check off everything that needs to be covered, asked, and answered. That way, everyone else can relax and dare we say: have fun!


Making a case study video for your business

Case study videos are a great asset for your business, and can be a really enjoyable experience to share with your client (when done well, obvs). There are a lot of moving parts that go into making it a valuable undertaking, but these are all things that can be easily tackled with the right team around you, and with the right preparation. Read more about why case study videos are so effective and how to make it a great asset.

Our team are always available to chat through how you might approach a case study video for your business, and can provide guidance around who to ask, what to ask them, and all the other details that go into making it a stress-free experience.

Get in touch with our team to talk about case study videos for your business - we love a chat!

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