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July 6, 2021
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Keyy Productions Team

CLIENT: SANE Australia

CREATIVE TEAM: Bridget Murray, Rhys Keir and Paige Gardiner

CONTENT CREATED: Explainer Videos


Our client, SANE Australia, was in need of some video content that would inform and engage their general community, as well as Forum Partner organisations about the SANE forums.

Specifically, they needed:

  • Promotional content - engaging videos that could be shared on partner’s social media platforms and in company communications that detail information about the Forums.
  • Educational content - instructional videos about the Forums to be used on staff training days, in onboarding procedures, and included in internal communications.
  • Storytelling content: personal stories of people who have used the Forums, and found them to be helpful in managing their own mental health, or taking care of themselves.

A mental health carer talking about her experience in an explainer video


  • 3 x personal “lived experience” story videos + cutdown edits of each
  • A service promo of the Forums for generic platforms
  • A service promo video about the Forums for Partners
  • A service promo video about the Forums for Users
  • A case study video of a SANE partner about the Forums
  • A series of explainer videos about the Forums and how they work
  • Additional social media content and cutdowns


Working closely with the SANE Australia team and their digital marketing agency, Sparro, we developed a suite of impactful and digestible content that would carry them across all platforms and speak to each of their specific messaging needs.

Creating “lived experience” story videos would provide SANE Australia with content that would speak direct to their Forum User audience, developing a deep level of trust and connection in their Forums. The interview content for each story was crafted carefully in the pre-production phase to ensure that the material would be authentic, personal and connective for the audience, and that any sensitive material would be handled gently and with expert care from our team, ensuring a deep level of comfort and safety on set for everyone.

Screenshot of SANE Australia forums explainer videos

The series of service promos about the SANE Australia Forums included interview content from Forum Moderators, to establish a strong level of trust and understanding in the prospective Forum audience, whilst providing clear, digestible information about the service itself.

Creating additional explainer videos about how the Forums worked, would act as an engaging and digestible series of FAQs, helping to provide detailed and authentic answers to in-depth Forum User questions, and to ease any concerns of potential Users.


"The suite of videos that were developed were excellent. The educational videos were instructional and professional whilst managing to gently encourage people to get involved and see how the Forums could help them/their organisation. The promotional videos were very engaging, showcasing the unique benefits of the Forums, and allowing people to see how the Forums could help in their own mental health journey.

Using real life stories, as well as real-life moderators, brought a lot of authenticity to the videos. The videos … are extremely powerful, and can be used in a variety of settings, with a range of audiences. The videos with the moderators position SANE as a leader in digital mental health, and put a face to an otherwise faceless support service.

We have seen the numbers of unique visitors to the Forums double [in just three months]."

The range of content created has enabled the campaign to be multi-channel including paid social media advertising, outdoor advertising, podcast advertising, GP waiting room advertising, and user journey emails.

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