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You’ve worked hard and created a product or service that you are incredibly proud of. Now it’s time for the exciting part, it’s time to showcase what you have to offer and get the customers flooding in. 

Product and service videos are some of the most commonly created videos because they inspire customers to pay attention, remember your product and feel confident to make a purchase. As far as powerful marketing goes, it doesn’t get much better than this.  

Keyy Productions have created product and services videos of all shapes and sizes, with each video taking advantage of our industry knowledge and production expertise to be a lasting asset for your business. 

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What is a product or service video?

While many people think of product and service videos as traditional large scale advertisements, the truth is that they come in many shapes and sizes. The important thing to remember about a product or service video is that when the video is doing its job really well, it will both inform and inspire your audience. 

The video can be both a practical resource to highlight the functionality of what you do and how you do it, and also act as an incredible little teaser to give your audience a glimpse of what you have to offer, and leave them excited and wanting more. 

Why are product and service videos so effective?

With the incredible rise of e-commerce and decline of brick-and-mortar storefronts, the customer’s ability to see, test and experience a product/service before they buy has become almost a thing of the past. However, our desire as consumers to try before we buy has not gone away or even diminished. This is where videos step in to offer an invaluable online substitute ‘experience’ of your product or service that will ultimately remove uncertainties and build trust.  

More importantly, we know that audiences WANT to watch product/service videos, with an outstanding 96% of people engaging with a video to understand a product or service. Recent research also tells us that people who watch a product video are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy

How to make a great product or service video

When you mention the words ‘product or service video’ some people’s thoughts will go straight to a simple, functional explanation of the product, while others will picture an elaborate, abstract sizzle reel of the product or service in action. No matter what format appeals to you, there are a couple of universal principles that will help make your video impactful.
Hint at features, scream the benefits
The little inclusions + innovations of your creation are important, so they should be showcased, but the real value and appeal comes from the benefit it provides to the customer. At great example is the 2020 AirPods Snap commercial for Apple. The feature is the noise cancellation of the new generation AirPods, but the focus is the absolute benefit of being able to zone out and experience a vibrant life without disruptions. While features are important, the reason people will actually purchase is if they see how it will positively impact their lives.
Determine your goals
At the very start of the project think carefully about your goals for the video. Do you want the video to generate brand awareness, create leads and sales, or celebrate your offering? Once you’ve determined your goals pick one to champion and structure your video with that key goal in mind.
Create a short version
Product or service videos that overlap with a brand video or an explainer video will typically be longer as they need to convey more information. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but we would always recommend having at least one short and punchy version of your video available for those customers who are exploring and just looking for a taste of what you have to offer.
Give your audience a destination
Be sure to end your product or service video with a clear call-to-action that the audience can follow, as well as a destination for them to go to learn more or purchase. Too many product/service videos create an impression, but don’t make it easy for their audience to follow-through.

Thinking about creating a product or service video for your marketing strategy?

Informative, fun and versatile, product and service videos are the perfect choice for any business that wants to generate awareness and build leads and sales. 

If you’re interested in a product or service video for your brand, the Keyy Productions team are on hand to help bring your creation to life and showcase what you have to offer. 

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