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Did you know that social media posts with videos get 48% more views? So if your brand or business is looking to increase your followers and keep your online audience engaged, then creating videos for your social media channels needs to be a part of your digital marketing strategy.

We can help you navigate the world of posts, stories, landscape, portrait, GIF's, feeds, and profiles, to create videos specifically designed for social media. Connect your brand with your online audience through clickable, shareable and engaging video content that creates loyal followers.

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How to use video to grow your brand's social media following

In order to grow and nurture your audience, you'll need a social media marketing plan. With the average person consuming around 100 minutes of online video content every day, here's some things to consider to make sure your content cuts through the noise and gets the attention of those eyeballs.

Understand how your audience engages with video content on social media

When creating video content for your target market, you should not only consider their hobbies, interests and behaviours, but also how your target market uses social media.

Are they watching hours of how-to videos on YouTube, or are they only having a quick scroll of Instagram on their lunch break each day? Do they mainly use Facebook on their work computer, or are they glued to their phone on an endless scroll?

Drilling down on where your audience's attention is will help to determine the right platforms for your video, as well as the length and the content itself.

Create video content specifically for social media

The way your brand presents itself in your website videos might be different to how it does on social media. Audiences on social media want to see more of who your brand is, what you stand for, and what they seek to gain from following your brand or business.

Not all of your followers will be customers; it's about building a community and providing value to that audience. A video that works brilliantly on your website at converting customers might not do so well on your social media platforms if it's not the type of content your social media users engage with.

Make sure you have a clear understanding of your target market and the type of video content they want to see from your brand on social media.

Measure results and test, test, test!

The great thing about social media is you can get loads of data around how your video content is performing.

How long is your audience watching your content for? How many people clicked to learn more, sign up, or visit your website?

Use these metrics to evaluate how your video is engaging your audience and what changes to implement on your next video marketing campaign. Every video you post is an opportunity to learn more about your audience and make informed decisions from the data collected.

Types of videos for social media

These are some of the most popular social media videos used by brands and businesses all around the world. It's an ever-evolving list as new tech trends emerge but is a great place to start to get your head around it all

Facebook cover videos

Your Facebook cover photo can actually be replaced with a banner video, and because it sits at the top of the page when your audiences are visiting your Facebook page, a cover video is a great tool to stand out from your competition and show more of your business, product or service. Facebook banner videos need to be 20-90 seconds in length and 820 x 462 pixels.

Social media video ads

Videos that are specifically used to sell your product or services on social media usually start with an irresistible hook to stop your target market scrolling. Social media video ads can be targeted to people in specific cities, interests, hobbies, and jobs, so the content can be much more targeted and measurable and always includes a strong CTA to lead the viewer to sign up, purchase the product, or visit a website. 

Portrait, square and landscape videos

Each social media channel is different, and the video size and ratio will change depending on the platform. Landscape videos are perfect for Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, where as square videos are designed for Instagram. Stories (which are now on most social media platforms) need to be in portrait mode. It's important to know ahead of time where your video will be used so that it can be shot accordingly to accommodate all the different size options.

GIF's and stop motion videos

GIF's and stop motion videos are a fun, stylised and playful way to advertise products. Usually involving colourful backdrops and props, these formats take the typical product shoot and adds movement to make for a more engaging and dynamic piece of content that sits somewhere between photo and video. These video formats are simple but effective.

Instagram Story videos

Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn story videos are perfect for candid, behind the scenes, organic content that doesn't necessarily need to fit in with a wider aesthetic to match a perfectly designed grid or profile. These videos disappear after 24 hours and are more suited to portrait mode than landscape to fill the entire screen with your message. Instagram stories are often used as a teaser to direct viewers to your IGTV, YouTube Channel, or profile where the longer video will be waiting for them.

6-second videos

These short, nibble-sized videos pack all the content, hook, and CTA all in just 6 seconds. Sound impossible? Many ad campaigns are now also including 6 second versions for YouTube, TV and display ads, as they are short, punchy and typically cost less in terms of booked ad time. Ideally, you'd make your 6 second video alongside your original suite of content, but a great video production company should be able to edit your longer form content into a 6 second video if its something you'd like to add on to your project afterwards.

The best videos for social media

Here's some of the ways we can help you create video content for your social media channels to keep those followers engaged:

Content Library

Posting regular content on social media will help you to develop an ongoing relationship with your audience. A Content Library gives you a library of video content to use over multiple posts across your social media platforms, making posting regular branded content possible.
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Testimonial Videos

Social Media Suite

A Social Media Suite package provides you with cutdown edits of your video project in 15, 30, and 60 second clips in square, portrait, and landscape formats. This extra content can be used to create teasers of key moments from your longer video. This is a a cost effective add-on to maximise your content output from a video project.
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Product or service videos

A promo video that shows users how to use your product or service is a great way to lead social media users to your profile or to your website to make a purchase. These can feature real people and customers using your product or service and include all the features that make your brand unique.
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Brand story videos

Brand Story videos can be any length, for any platform, and about people or products, but a brand story video will always have authenticity at it's core so that your social media audience feel they're developing a connection to a genuine brand that aligns with their values and desires.
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Explainer videos

An explainer video educates your audience so they feel more empowered to purchase, and so that they see your brand as an authority. This could be a "How-To" use your product, telling customers how to sign up to your new e-course, or breaking down what to expect at one of your workshops. 
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Event coverage videos

If you're holding an event, awards night, or workshop, make sure you get great video coverage so you can promote future events on social media. Event coverage videos also make great brand building content as your audience gets to see the people behind your brand at their best.
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