How much does a video cost?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to put a fixed price on a video project, simply because every single project is different (which is a good thing!). Because of this, we take the time to really understand your needs and create a completely unique and customised proposal for you, which details the project and the time + cost inclusions. So if you’d like to know more about costs, get in touch with us for a (completely obligation-free) custom proposal!

Will there be added costs, besides the initial quote?

There’s always small a chance that there’ll be added costs to your project, however this is extremely rare, as we do our absolute best to provide you with a quote that is as accurate as possible. If there are any additional costs, these will always be discussed with you and agreed upon in advance. Any potential additional costs are always clearly outlined in our proposals.

How long will it take to finish my video?

We know how important it is to be able to plan your content and deliver to deadlines, so we stick to a clear timeline with all of our video production. Up to 14 days after your final shoot day, you'll receive a preview edit of your video so that you and your team can compile any adjustments that you’d like made. We deliver any subsequent preview edits within 7 days of receiving your feedback. Your finalised, high-resolution video files will be delivered to your inbox once you’ve approved the preview edit and final payment has been made.

Where can I use my video?

You will be granted a video user license without any restrictions - this means you have the right to use your finalised high-resolution videos and photography online and offline, and to transfer the content to any other digital format without any restrictions! Freeeedom!

Will I get all of the video footage at the end?

It’s really important to us that we retain creative ownership over the footage that we capture and create, as it means that we’re able to maintain our exceptionally high standards of video content creation. That being said, if you really need all of the footage, we can arrange this for a fee.

When do you start making my video?

Keyy Productions will begin pre-production on your video project or photography package, once the following has been fulfilled:

  • You accept the proposal or quote in writing, before the expiry date specified.
  • We issue an invoice for a non-refundable booking fee of 50% of the total project fee.
  • We have received your booking fee payment.

How do I get my video or photos?

Delivery of all of our content, be it videos or photos, is entirely digital. You will receive a password-protected link from us for you and your team to access.

Can I use other footage in my video too?

Keyy Productions does not allow footage filmed by other organisations or individuals to be featured in the project content, unless otherwise agreed upon by us. The reason for this is that other footage can look really different and have a widely varying quality. So, in the interest of providing you with the best quality and the most impactful video content possible, we always aim to produce it all in-house.

Who will act in my video?

If your video requires an actor, we have an amazing agency that we work with to provide talent options. However, for the most part, we don’t tend to use actors in our video content. We like to keep it as authentic as possible in representing your brand, so where possible, we encourage you or your staff to be featured in the content. Don’t worry, we understand that not everyone feels comfortable on camera - that’s why we’ve specifically developed a process that ensures that our clients feel really comfortable and speak really confidently on camera… in fact, as a company run by professional actors, we’re actually experts in this field!

What if I want to make changes to my video, once it’s finished?

We will send you a preview link containing a preview edit of the video/s for your feedback and adjustment requests, up to 14 days after the final production day. All subsequent preview edits will be sent within 7 days of receiving your feedback requests. Once the preview edit has been approved by you, Keyy Productions will send the final payment invoice. The finalised high-resolution video files will be delivered once final payment has been received.

Content created by Keyy Productions is not to be edited, altered or manipulated by any individuals or organisations.

If you wish to use still images from video content made by Keyy Productions, they must not be altered in any manner and the image must clearly be credited to Keyy Productions stating “Image from Video Content by Keyy Productions". These still images may only be taken from the finalised video sent to you after final payment has been received. Stills from preview edits are not to be used in any manner.

How many photos will I get for my photography project?

We don’t actually specify the number of stills that we will deliver, as we favour quality over quantity. That being said, you can typically expect between 50-100 photos per completed hour, however this number is a guide and the end number may vary. We'll discuss all of this with you in more detail during the pre-production phase of your photography project.

How does payment work?

Once you’ve accepted our proposal, we will issue an invoice for 50% of the total amount quoted. Pre-production on your project will begin once this payment has been received.

No other payment is owing until you have approved your preview edit/s. You’ll then receive an invoice for the remaining amount owing for your project.

What if I need to reschedule my shoot?

In the case that you reschedule any scheduled production date/s:

  • You will call us at least 5 business days in advance to reschedule to another date.
  • You will cover all of the costs associated with rescheduling, including but not limited to equipment hire & pre-booked travel.
  • If notification of cancellation or rescheduling is given with less than 5 business days notice:
    • A $55 + GST fee will be charged for every hour of previously scheduled shoot time that requires rescheduling or cancellation.
  • If notification of cancellation or rescheduling is given with less than 24 hours notice:
    • A $165 + GST fee will be charged for every hour of previously scheduled shoot time that requires rescheduling or cancellation.