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Learn how to speak on camera like a pro!

Presenting on camera has become a business lifeline. Whether it’s via Zoom, Google Meets or in video marketing content, having the skills to present, speak or interview comfortably and confidently on camera is a necessity.

We offer 1:1 presenting on-camera training, as well as group workshops for your whole team. All our sessions are tailored specifically to your organisation and individual needs.

Developing your on-camera presentation skills with our expert training will dramatically increase the impact you have with your online audience.

It will bring authenticity and depth to your video content, and a new level of engagement to your presentations, pitches and meetings.

Plus, you’ll feel empowered to communicate with ease and clarity, in order to build deeper, more trusting relationships.

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Be confident on camera

Feel empowered and have impact onscreen, and feel confident to redirect your focus to what you need to communicate, rather than how nervous or uncomfortable you feel.

With a focus on authentic and confident presenting on camera, this training will elevate your communication online and assist in building trusting relationships with your clients and colleagues.

This training will provide you with a toolkit that you can draw on in any work or business - from presenting confidently and effectively on-camera, to successfully pitching to a client and communicating to your team with clarity and impact. 

Our training includes 1:1 personalised sessions, as well as group workshops for your team, delivered online or in-person.

Whether you need to present live or pre-recorded, or you’re being interviewed on camera, these sessions will help you overcome being nervous on camera and dramatically improve your skills and confidence.

Learn how to speak on camera from the best

Learn the fundamentals of speaking and presenting confidently and authentically on camera, from one of our industry experts. 

We’ve created a signature on-camera technique that is specifically tailored for corporate and business professionals. The technique draws on our years of experience and training in the acting industry, combined with our observations from directing hundreds of clients on set.

Our team of on-camera training experts are all acting and presenting professionals, with formal training and experience. They will guide you through your training, working with your current experience level to broaden your skill set and boost your confidence on camera.

Ultimately, our coaches will provide you with helpful and practical tools and tips for mastering your on-camera presenting. 

You’ll receive a free consultation prior to your first session so that your training can be tailored very specifically to your needs and experience level, so reach out to speak to one of our experts about how we can help you on camera.

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Woman learning how to Present on Zoom

Learn how to present on Zoom

With more and more big important meetings, pitches and interviews being held over Zoom, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams, we also offer specific Presenting on Camera training for presenting your best self over webcam. 

Our unique Zoom tips and tricks will teach you how to master speaking over a web conferencing call in an engaging, confident and professional manner that will set you apart from your competition. 

Learn how to set your eye line, how to set up your space, and how to master presenting a pitch or speech over Zoom, and still have as much impact as you would in-person.  

Book a 1:1 session ahead of a big interview or presentation, or book in your whole team to arm them with the pitching and presenting skills they need to achieve great results over Zoom.

The value of Presenting on Camera Training

Never be caught off-guard
Once you've had on-camera training you'll always feel confident to present, pitch or speak in front of a camera or live audience, so you can put your best foot forward in front of the people that matter at a moment's notice
Conquer those nerves
Our on-camera training technique will give you the experience and the tools to relax, have fun, and communicate your message clearly and confidently. Learn how to speak authentically and embrace your natural speaking style, sense of humour and personality
Create more engaging videos
Whether you're creating video content for work presentations, social media content, YouTube, or training, we'll give you the skills to make people listen and connect with what you have to say
Build a personal brand worth listening to
Engage with your colleagues and clients in an authentic and engaging way to ensure your personal brand is trusted, respected and a true reflection of your professional self
Nail important interviews
With more and more interviews and meetings being carried out online, we teach you how to speak on camera and technical tips that will help you to relax and focus on the more important things
On camera training tailored for you
When you have an on-camera training session with us you can choose to work on a specific pitch or presentation, or we can provide sample scripts for you to practice the technique with. Each session is entirely tailored to the skills and goals you or your team want to achieve

Presenting On-Camera Training Packages

Following a consultation, our team will tailor a training outline and proposal that best suits your needs. Reach out to speak to one of our experts about the specific skills, goals or presentation you want to improve.

One-off training session

1:1 tailored training
1 x 1 hour session
Delivered online or in-person

3 x session package

1:1 tailored training
3 x 1 hour sessions
Delivered online

Team training

Capped at 6 people
1 x 4 hour or 2 x 2 hour sessions
Delivered online

To get started with your personalised on-camera training, get in touch today!