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March 17, 2021
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Keyy Productions Team

CLIENTGreat Race

CREATIVE TEAM: Rhys Keir and Paige Gardiner

CONTENT CREATED: Production Kit of Explainer Videos


Great Race are the masters of fun corporate team building activities, private parties, and educational activities, and they wanted to create engaging videos for their website which explained the difference between all their activities to help clients decide which one was right for them.


The videos needed to:

  • be dynamic and capture the fun and energy of their hosts and their outdoor and indoor activities
  • showcase a variety of challenges and experiences
  • include scripted content presented to-camera which explains the games in further detail
  • speak to their three client types - corporate groups, private parties, and school + university groups.

These videos would be situated on each activity page of the Great Race website and also utilised during the sales process to demonstrate the games in action to potential clients. The goal was that they’d be a tool that would save time and convert more leads, build a stronger connection with clients, and ensure Great Race was positioned as a market leader in their field.


  • 8 x corporate client activity explainer videos
  • 4 x private client activity explainer videos
  • 2 x school/university client explainer videos
  • Additional cut-down edits for clients as a “thank you" for having their event filmed
  • Additional homepage hero video



This project posed some unique challenges, as it required capturing real client events with fixed dates, across 6 different locations and shoot dates. At the start of the project Great Race didn’t yet know when and where each shoot would be able to be scheduled, and there was potential for the project to span over 3-4 months. So, together we opted for a Production Kit package. This meant that Great Race could pre-purchase a number of production hours which could then be allocated as needed to their video projects down-the-track. It gave them a discounted price on their overall video content, and meant that they could decipher the logistics of filming with their clients when the time was right.

Video content included interviews with Great Race participants, candid event footage and direct-to-camera scripted content

We also worked in detail with their team to find ways to limit the number of shoots required while still capturing the range of activities. This involved intricate pre-production planning so that some footage could be multi-purposed and re-purposed across multiple videos, which limited the number of real client events required and also helped keep the project within budget. We combined this with in-studio scripted content that was tailored for each of the Great Race client types, to bring an added informative element to each video and to build brand authority and trust.


"We couldn't be happier with our suite of videos! We get so many comments from potential clients who have seen them on our website and often this is what convinces them to enquire with us. They're a great asset especially for our corporate market as they can pass the video on to other decision makers and they can instantly understand what to expect on the day and our point of difference. The videos are so much more effective at speaking to our audience, and they reach our potential clients whenever they visit our website, regardless of the time of day.

The videos are so successful we've actually found that any of our activities that we didn't create videos for convert so much less, because they can't compete with our other products that have great videos to showcase the activity. We have to convince clients that games without videos are still just as fun as those with videos; that's how much perceived (and actual) value they've added to our products!

YouTube Analytics for one of Great Race's team building explainer videos

The videos have an average view duration of 62.6% which we are very impressed with considering the videos are 2-3mins in length and we weren't sure how long people would watch for. We've had over 7,653 views across all the videos, 86% of which have been views on our website or through direct links sent to the client during the sales process. It's so great to know that these are actual potential clients viewing our content, not just a bunch of random views from YouTube."

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